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Ana de Armas has taken Hollywood by storm in recent years, and fans always remain curious about who the superstar is dating. The Cuban-Spanish actress has had several high-profile partners over the years, with Tinder VP of Special Initiatives Paul Boukadakis standing out among the rest. But who is the Knives Out star involved with at the moment?

Here are all the available details regarding Ana de Armas’ dating life, including her relationship history.

Who is Ana de Armas’ boyfriend?

At the time of writing, the 36-year-old artist is speculated to be romantically associated with Paul Boukadakis.

According to Elle, the couple first locked eyes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Having met Paul through a mutual friend, Ana de Armas started dating him in early 2021, according to Page Six. Their romance was finally confirmed in December 2021 when the pair was spotted sharing a kiss in Los Angeles.

Having chosen to mostly keep their love life under wraps, the two have made only a few public appearances here and there. The Blonde star took to Instagram in December 2022 to share her Christmas celebrations with Boukadakis and his family. He also accompanied de Armas at the Vanity Fair party organized after the conclusion of the 2023 Oscars.

Hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Paul Boukadakis is a tech entrepreneur who occupies a high-executive profile at Tinder. Prior to his current job, Boukadakis served as the co-founder and CEO of a video-sharing app named Wheel. However, his company was eventually acquired by Tinder in 2017, leading to a change in his designation, as per People.

Ana de Armas dating history

Ana de Armas has an extensive dating history that includes several renowned personalities. Right before her link-up with Boukadakis, the seasoned actress was reported to be involved with Academy Award winner Ben Affleck. The duo met on the set of Deep Water in early 2020 and were spotted together in Los Angeles on numerous occasions. They even took time out to embark on several romantic vacations, as reported by Ranker. However, with Affleck and de Armas wanting different things in life, they decided to part ways in January 2021.

The rising superstar also had a relationship with talent agent Franklin Latt in 2015. The truth about their association was outed after Ana de Armas inadvertently posted a photo commemorating Latt’s birthday.

Prior to her involvement with Latt, Ana de Armas was evidently dating Cuban painter Alejandro Piñeiro Bello. The couple often shared snapshots of each other on social media to showcase their love for each other. However, they ultimately called it quits after de Armas’ career in Hollywood started to take shape.

Aside from an unconfirmed relationship with Édgar Ramírez, the most prominent name in Ana de Armas’ dating history is actor Marc Clotet. Having met each other in Spain, the duo married in 2011. Consequently, the two quickly became a power couple in the Spanish media industry. However, their union proved to be short-lived, and the pair ultimately announced their split in 2013.

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