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Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece has continued to garner the attention of fans worldwide with its fantastic story and in-depth world-building. He has been consistently praised for his unique logic and ideas behind each devil fruit power. However, plenty of devil fruits are still yet to be explored.

One devil fruit that has gathered a lot of attention in recent times is Viola’s Giro Giro no Mi. While most devil fruits boast incredible stats like strength and speed, The Giro Giro no Mi is a testament to the fact that the mind is one of the greatest tools in the human body.

What are the abilities of Giro Giro no Mi?

Viola in One Piece (Photo Credit: Toei Animation)

The Giro Giro no Mi is a paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows users to see through everything and read minds. Princess Viola, the crown princess of Dressrosa, ate the fruit and used it to full effect during the Dressrosa arc. She cannot only see through things like clothes and objects like X-rays but also peer into the minds and memories of others, making it highly effective against liars.

The Giro Giro no Mi also allows its users to share their memories with another person. However, it is more than an investigative devil fruit. It allows the user to manipulate their tears, turning them into a projectile capable of penetrating skin.

As overpowered as the devil fruit is, no clear-cut weakness has been mentioned yet. However, it is possible to startle the user when they peer into the mind. However, the fruit’s most impactful feature is its ability to send out the user’s sight in all directions. This amazing ability allowed Viola to monitor the entire country remotely.

While One Piece is yet to be completed, the Devil Fruit is undoubtedly one of the most impactful.

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