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What Happens After Chun Woo-Hee Leaves Jang Ki-Yong at the Altar? – Mollyalicenests

The Atypical Family episode 7 aired on Saturday, May 25, 2024, on JTBC and Netflix. Starring Jang Ki-Yong and Chun Woo-Hee, the fantasy romance K-drama revolves around a mysterious woman who gets entangled with the Bok family, who possess magical powers.

In the previous episode, Bok Gwi-Joo (Jang Ki-Yong) discovered Do Da-Hae’s (Chun Woo-Hee) past trauma. She was a victim of the same fire incident in which Gwi-Joo lost his close friend. Due to this connection, Gwi-Joo decided to protect her always and thus agreed to marry her. The episode ended with Da-Hae calling off the wedding and leaving him at the altar. She also revealed that she was a fraud and that her family targeted the Bok clan for money.

The aftermath of the failed wedding features in episode 7. Gwi-Joo is heartbroken and tries to understand why Da-Hae betrayed him. Also, he returns to the past moments he spent with her. For context, Gwi-Joo’s powers malfunction with Da-Hae because she can see and touch him whenever he meets her in the past. 

The Atypical Family episode 7 spoilers: Why did Jang Ki-Yong’s daughter, Park So-Yi, run to Chun Woo-Hee?

In The Atypical Family episode 7, Gwi-Joo returns to the moment Da-Hae left him at the altar. He learns that her family knows about his family’s powers. Furthermore, Gwi-Joo witnesses Da-Hae and his conversation, and she rejects him harshly. She also notices time traveler Gwi-Joo standing behind her.

Meanwhile, the Bok family badmouths Da-Hae and her fake family. On the other hand, Da-Hae’s fake mother is disappointed in her and locks her up in a room. The next day, Gwi-Joo’s daughter Yi-Na (Park So-Yi) has difficulty at school. While Joon-Woo (Moon Woo-Jin) attempts to cheer her up, Hye-Rim’s (Kim Soo-In) behavior makes Yi-Na anxious. She loses her glasses while running away from her classmates.

At her home, Yi-Na’s grandfather, Soon-Gu, assumes she has gone missing. Meanwhile, the kid arrives at Da-Hae’s sauna place. Her mother brings her inside and tries to question the child about her powers. When Da-Hae appears, Yi-Na questions whether she didn’t marry her father out of love. Da-Hae avoids eye contact because she knows the kid possesses the power to read the mind by looking into one’s eyes.

Da-Hae buys Yi-Na a new pair of glasses and learns why she ran to her instead of going home. Da-Hae is the only one who knows about Yi-Na’s powers; thus, the kid is comfortable around her. Their bittersweet banter ends when Gwi-Joo arrives to pick up Yi-Na. He assumes that Da-Hae must have lured his daughter out for a scheme. But Yi-Na defends Da-Hae and appears concerned about her.

The Atypical Family episode 7 ending: Jang Ki-Yong returns to Chun Woo-Hee

The Atypical Family episode 7 further shows Gwi-Joo’s future self appearing in front of Da-Hae when his present form comes to pick Yi-Na. His future version pushes Da-Hae to warn Gwi-Joo that his sister is in danger.

At the gym, Bok Dong-Hee (Claudia Kim/Kim Su-Hyun) has a date and plans to use her power to fly down the stairs. Da-Hae’s sister Grace (Rye Abel) creates a situation so that she can record Dong-Hee’s powers and the family can use it to blackmail the Bok clan. When Dong-Hee jumps, her power doesn’t work, and she falls straight to the ground. Fortunately, Gwi-Joo arrives on time, and she lands on him.

These incidents lead to a misunderstanding, as Gwi-Joo’s mother, Man-Heum, thinks Da-Hae kidnapped Yi-Na and hurt Dong-Hee. Towards the end of the episode, Yi-Na requests her father to investigate why Da-Hae called off the wedding. Gwi-Joo travels back to that moment and learns how badly Da-Hae’s family treats her. He visits Da-Hae and her fake family to strike a deal with her mother. Gwi-Joo later tells Da-Hae that he will undo the past for her. 

The final scene features the moment when Gwi-Joo travels back to Da-Hae to warn about Dong-Hee’s accident. Da-Hae cannot control her tears, and seeing him after his present version tells her he will never return to her. She asks, “Why do you keep looking back at times with me?” He holds her hand and says, “Don’t let me go.” The episode ends with all the moments when the two have held hands.

To watch what happens next in The Atypical Family, tune in to JTBC and Netflix on Saturdays and Sundays. 

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