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Tomb Raider King Anime Gets Release Date Window – Mollyalicenests

During the July Anime Expo 2024, it was announced that the popular manhwa Tomb Raider King would get an anime adaptation. The news surprised many fans of the series, who doubted the authenticity of the announcement. However, on July 8, 2024, manhwa author SAN.G shared a key visual with information about the release window.

Check out the tweet below:

Tomb Raider King is a popular manhwa based on Sanji Jiksong’s Dogul-wang web novel series of the same name. The manhwa was released on Tapas in February 2021 and ran until August 2023 with 412 chapters.

Tomb Raider King anime: Everything you need to know

While SAN.G’s Tomb Raider King getting its own anime adaptation was initially announced at the Anime Expo 2024, SAN.G reconfirmed the legitimacy of the news by posting a key visual. The tweet revealed that the Tomb Raider King anime adaptation will be released sometime in 2026. However, no news about its exact release date has been confirmed.

Additionally, the tweet confirmed that Studio EEK will handle the anime production. However, news regarding the staff or cast has yet to be announced. Fans received the news positively since Tomb Raider King is considered one of the manhwas that could rival Solo Leveling.

Tapas, who has been in charge of releasing the manhwa in English, describes it as follows: “Mysterious tombs appeared all over the world one day, each containing a relic which grants its owner supernatural abilities. Jooheon Suh is a tomb explorer, excavator, and raider. Betrayed by his employer, he’s about to die at the hands of a powerful new relic when he suddenly finds himself 15 years in the past before any relics or tombs make their debut. Driven by feelings of revenge, how will Jooheon use his knowledge of the future to become the Tomb Raider King?”

Stay tuned for more news on the Tomb Raider King anime. 

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