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Marvel News – Spider-Man movie viewing order: Sony announces update’s run-time totals

Spider-Man: Nowhere to Go Having migrated to digital media, the discussion about the biggest movies of 2021 is still raging. Tom Holland’s third gig as Peter Parker shined at this year’s Oscars, earning a Best Visual Effects nomination and accolades from #OscarsCheerMoment and #OscarsFanFavorite fan votes. The future of Holland, and that of Spider-Man Andrew […]

Marvel News – Sony responds to Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man 3 campaign in new post

Spider-Man: Nowhere to Go Has left theaters, but discussions about blockbuster franchises haven’t slowed down yet. Tom Holland’s trilogy unites three generations of Peter Parker to debut Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock The Marvel Cinematic Universe and sparked a multiverse craze, the only prescription coming from the good doctor. As the aforementioned alternative reality chaos peaks […]