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Will The Last of Us TV Show Season 2 Follow the Story of TLOU Part 2 Video Game? – Mollyalicenests

One of the biggest questions about Season 2 of The Last of Us TV show is whether it’ll follow the story of TLOU Part 2 video game. The first season was a relatively faithful rendition of the original game. Still, there were enough changes to keep longtime fans of the franchise on their toes. So, we have to wonder, will the TV show go […]

DCU News – The CW Cancels DC Superhero Show Naomi

While the CW has many hit shows that spin off of the Arrowverse, one of the other superhero shows inspired by comic book pages is DC’s Naomi. The series follows the titular character of Kaci Walfall as she sets out to uncover the origins of supernatural events in her hometown and unravel all the mysteries […]

DCU News – The CW just cancelled another DC Arrowverse show

The CW, distributed by WarnerMedia and Paramount, has put some Arrowverse shows in danger of being canceled.Although Grant Gustin flash with Tyler Hechlin superman and louise Has been renewed by the network, things are not good batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow. result, The DC TV franchise appears to be going through its biggest challenge yet. […]