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Watch & Stream Online via Peacock – Mollyalicenests

Killer Siblings (2019) Season 2 is a true-crime documentary series that explores the disturbing phenomenon of siblings who team up to commit heinous crimes. Each episode focuses on a different pair of siblings, delving into their backgrounds, motivations, and the impact their actions have had on victims’ families and communities.  Here’s how you can watch […]

Watch & Stream Online Via Peacock – Mollyalicenests

Flash Gordon (2007) is a sci-fi series inspired by the comic-book stripe of the same name and past adaptations. It’s a story about Steven “Flash” Gordon, who learns a secret about his deceased father, due to which he embarks on his journey to Mongo, a planet ruled by a ruthless dictator named Ming. Here’s how you […]

Watch & Stream Online via Peacock – Mollyalicenests

Are you intrigued by gothic films that explore the human psyche as well as the supernatural occurring around very old buildings? Then Stonehearst Asylum, based loosely on one of the stories by Edgar Allen Poe is something you need to get your hands on. It revolves around an Oxford graduate who comes across bone-chilling experiences […]