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Marvel News – Mobius actor admits he doesn’t fully understand his Marvel character

success Spider-Man: Nowhere to Go Make Sony feel very comfortable with the Spider-Man character under its control. The studio’s previous spinoff films, Venom: There’s Carnage, also performed well enough to award it another sequel. While the Tom Hardy-led series has received less-than-stellar critical feedback, everything is in the works for the studio and its recent […]

Marvel News – Marvel Studios Reportedly Casts First Non-Binary MCU Character

Marvel Studios continues to expand its story and character lineup in Phase 4 of the MCU, with some of that expansion coming from diverse representations.In 2021 alone, Marvel brings its first Asian-leading film, Simu Liu’s “Shang Chi,” its first major gender in Tom Hiddleston’s “Rocky” Liquid character, its first openly gay character Eternals‘ Phastos and […]