DCU News – Batman Movie Announces Riddler Prequel Story

While the DC Extended Universe is still months away from restarting its story, Warner Bros. is currently getting the benefit of Matt Reeves Batman in the theater. Robert Pattinson’s Caped Crusader sees itself facing Gotham’s worst criminals at the same time, most prominently Paul Dano’s take on The Riddler. Batman The theatrical release alone is […]

Marvel News – Did Samuel L. Jackson ruin his Ant-Man 3 role?

While Marvel Studios is constantly adding new heroes to its roster, that doesn’t mean the studio doesn’t have plans for its veterans. In addition to OG Avengers Thor getting his fourth film this summer, Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury has also been confirmed. captain marvel sequel, Miraclealso secret invasion at Disney+. The last time viewers […]

Marvel News – Marvel Studios Reportedly Casts First Non-Binary MCU Character

Marvel Studios continues to expand its story and character lineup in Phase 4 of the MCU, with some of that expansion coming from diverse representations.In 2021 alone, Marvel brings its first Asian-leading film, Simu Liu’s “Shang Chi,” its first major gender in Tom Hiddleston’s “Rocky” Liquid character, its first openly gay character Eternals‘ Phastos and […]