Marvel News – Will Toby and Andrew’s Spider-Man meet Mobius?Jared Leto responds

The Marvel Cinematic Universe may be all the rage, but let’s not forget how they have competitors. For example, there is Sony Pictures and its Spider-Man universe.Currently, only venom and Venom: There’s Carnage is part of the label. But the next entry is just around the corner: MobiusLed by Jared Leto, the titular character is a man who accidentally turns into a vampire while trying to cure his degenerative blood disease.

The film has suffered numerous delays over the past few years.In fact, the project released its first trailer a few months ago Spider-Man: Nowhere to Go even start shooting.


Speaking of the iconic Wall Climber, will fans see a live-action version of the character pop up on the web, given the villain’s history entangled with the hero as one of his many enemies? If he did, would it be Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield or Tom Holland?

Well, the actor has an answer to this.

Morbius vs. Spider-man?

Mobius, Spiderman

in an interview zero phaseBrandon Davis, Jared Leto asked which version of Spider-Man he wants, his titular antihero Mobius face. Is it Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, or Tom Holland’s take on the iconic cyber pitcher?


Leto was quick to say he would “Take them all,” But eventually narrowed his answer down to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and pointed out how “Tom… [has] Did an amazing job:”

“Well, I tell you, I’ll take them all, my friend. I’ll take them…I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid. But I have to say Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Mo It seems fitting that Bius is a new chapter in the universe. I’d love to see them in the ring together, these two characters. I think Tom just, you know, did an amazing job, he’s a great actor , he brings a lot of energy and humor to the character. That’s great.”

Will Morbius even interact with Spider-Man?

In theory, it would be great to see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man against Mobius. Many fans would probably be happy to pay for the MCU’s Spider-Man against any villain.

However, it probably doesn’t matter who Jared Leto wants to fight. Mobius Has been getting harsh reactions, so the film’s success doesn’t look all that great; it doesn’t even have the edge of an already popular character like venom did.


If it really doesn’t behave well enough, the living vampire could be a one-off ordeal.Consider how quickly Sony abandoned plans after failing The Amazing Spider-Man 2certainly not different from them.

The bigger question is: What will happen to Sony’s future movies?both net lady and Venom 3 Filming has not started yet, but production Hunter Kraven has already started. If Sony chooses to rip its future plans off its vision board, what will happen to Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s big hunt?

Only time will tell.


Mobius It opens in theaters on April 1.

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