Marvel News – Why Moon Knight Can Still Succeed Without an R Rating

since moon knight A series was announced on Disney+ more than two years ago, and some fans wondered if it was included on the streaming service.Specifically, since Disney+ initially disallowed R-rated content, the restriction moon knight Reach a PG-13 rating and “neuter” your character.

Many feel that the upcoming series should be more in line Daredevil, due to the violence Moon Knight shows in his comics. Some even directly compared his violent behavior to mass murderer Frank Castle.


Although Disney’s streaming service recently allowed more mature content with its new parental controls, it’s too late moon knight, finished production long before this decision was made.On top of that, lead writer Jeremy Slater recently confirmed that the entire series will remain PG-13 and will still be “Suitable for all ages.”

So why is the show flawless without such intense violence? What is it that convinces so many people online that the Moon Knight needs to be so violent?

A horrific act of violence committed by a vigilante in the comics, once, and only once, has distorted perceptions of the character for more than a decade – once the Moon Knight chopped off a man’s face…


One-off Moon Knight chops off a man’s face

Moon Knight Bushman face severed head

The only reason most online users claim this upcoming series is R-rated is because of Charlie Houston’s “Moon Rider” #2 (2006), in which Max Spector graphically cuts off with his nemesis Bushman’s The fight ended his fight. man’s face.

It’s frustrating that whenever this scene is mentioned in the discussion, it lacks the context appropriate for Spector’s action. In this story arc “The Bottom”, Marc Spector is at the bottom — at his absolute lowest point. He was there because of what he did to the Bushmen.

After Spector broke his legs with the man and chopped off the face of his arch-enemy, his allies deserted him and his beloved Marlene left him. To put it blatantly, the only reason Moon Knight did what he did was to gain the goodwill of Kong-soo again who seemed to have abandoned him.


Moon knight Kongsu cartoon version
“Moon Rider” (2006) – Issue 6

It was later revealed that Kongshu had manipulated the entire encounter to satisfy his thirst for bloody vengeance, and Spector became more loyal to him. So, apparently, Spector’s chopping off Bushman’s face was his misbehavior.

When it all came to light, Spector insisted that he’s not like Kongshu, he’s not bloodthirsty like he is – he’s a hero. Of course, this is one of many ongoing conflicts for Spector as a character. His relationship with his God, his friends, allies, and most importantly, himself.

bushman moon knight bottom comic page
“Moon Rider” (2006) – Issue 6

The incident has become so ingrained in the character’s history and identity that almost every writer since Houston has the audacity to publicly refer to it at least once. Even in the character’s latest reboot, writer Jed McKay couldn’t resist the villain, 8-Ball, imploring Moon Knight not to cut his face off.


Moon Knight 8-Ball Comic Panel
“Moon Rider” (2021) – Issue 1

So, it’s funny that those who chanted for more blood from the Moon Knight sounded like a disappointed Kong Shuo.

Khonshu wants Marc Spector to get an R rating too

Khonshu angry moon knight head

The same writer who made Moon Knight chop off another man’s face also portrayed Kong Shuo as a true vengeful god, berating Spector for not soaking the streets with the blood of guilty people. In fact, as a direct rebuke to Spector for Bushman, he let him go when he had the chance to do it again with another villain in a later “bottom”.

In response, Kong Shu expressed his dissatisfaction that his fist of vengeance would pull some “namby-pamby crap” Leave Taskmaster’s face intact.Kongshu even leaned against the fourth wall and berated Spector for letting himself “remove from b list to d list” as a superhero for many years.


Khonshu displeased comic panel Moon Knight
“Moon Rider” (2006) – Issue 6

True, Moon Knight has never been a well-known character outside the niche of comic book fans, and his influence on the cultural zeitgeist has left little trace beyond being an online meme. So, to rectify that, Kong Shuo is now pushing his avatar into a proper vengeance punch to raise Moon Knight’s profile in the public eye.

Ironically, it worked, like the one thing the Moon Knight did in the comics, chop off a man’s face, which seems to be the only thing he’s remembered for, even though the story describes it as Things the Moon Knight shouldn’t do and don’t do.

To be clear, Spector does kill in the comics, but he also doesn’t go out of his way to kill criminals like Frank Castle. Kong Shuo even compared the two of them unfavorably in Revenge of the Moon Knight #5, asking him, “…why can’t you be more like [The Punisher]? I bet his god has had enough. “


Moon Knight Kong Shu Punisher comic panel
“The Moon Knight’s Revenge” (2009) – Issue 5

In the same game written by Gregg Hurwitz, Bushman was even brought back from the dead by another supervillain, and Moon Knight gave him another chance to kill him. But, again, Spector directly defied his god Kongshu, refused and walked away, allowing the police to arrest the Bushmen.

For most of Moon Knight’s existence, Khonshu has often been a hostile force in Spector’s life, and this only got worse at the turn of the century. Rebuking the former mercenary for his lack of bloodlust, doubting his resolve as he refuses to take every opportunity to kill, even abandoning Spector altogether for a while in favor of another clone.

So, Moon Knight fans shouldn’t be disappointed that Spector won’t do anything as horrific as chop off another man’s face on the show.


A hero not defined by violence alone

moon knight title sky comic panel title

So why exactly moon knight Need an R rating? Throughout the character’s entire history in the comics, he has rarely been as violent to the point of disfigurement as he did with the Bushmen. It’s now established that what Spector did to his longtime foe was an exception and didn’t define Moon Knight as a character.

The most typical acts of violence in Moon Knight comics are a small amount of blood splattered when a bad guy is beaten or shot. However, there are definitely times when writers push the amount of violence, like Charlie Houston, Mike Benson, Warren Ellis, and Max Bemis.

But even in those comics, blood and gore was never really what the story or characters needed. The exceptions are Houston and Bemis, who use intense violence to show the path the Moon Knight shouldn’t take, and the trauma that can come from witnessing such horrific violence.


Otherwise, outside of those writers, relatively little brutality exists in vigilante comics, especially in comic series moon knight will it is said Get most of your inspiration. Jeff Lemire’s “Moon Knight” barely bleeds, with only one character bleeding from the neck, otherwise it’s just about Spector’s mental state, history, and his deteriorating relationship with Khonshu.

Moon Knight Mark Spector Children's Comic Pages
“Moon Rider” (2016) – Issue 10

Most of Moon Knight’s best stories don’t even revolve around any kind of central violence, but directly around Spector as a person, and his relationship with friends, allies, and his God. So fans expecting Moon Knight to slash criminals’ throats or cut faces should accept that this isn’t who a superhero really is, or what Marvel Studios intended for the character.

fans will see if moon knight Satisfy their bloodlust when they debut on Disney+ on Wednesday, March 30, 2022.


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