Marvel News – WATCH: Ethan Hawke summons a monster in new Marvel Moon Knight clip

moon knightIts marketing has been ramping up as the March 30 premiere of Disney+ approaches. The upcoming Marvel franchise will feature brand new MCU heroes in the form of Oscar Isaac’s Mark Spector and Ethan Hawke’s mysterious villain Arthur Harrow. Harrow’s exact motives against Moon Knight are still being kept under wraps, but the promo makes it clear that the character is driven by an agenda.

moon knightThe trailer for Arthur Harrow portrays Arthur Harrow as a cult leader with a huge following, but it seems like there’s more to this villain.Hawke beforeLaugh at him for portraying someone who really believes in it “They are good people” He found “Terrible.”


Now, as more footage is slowly being revealed, a new clip teases Harrow’s abilities.

Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant flees enemies

Marvel Studios Officially Releases New Editing moon knightshowing more thrilling action scenes and mysterious storylines from the Disney+ series.

The one-minute clip begins with Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant and May Carraway’s Lyra as the latter tries to tell the MCU heroes “Summoning his suit” To escape Arthur Harrow and his thugs.


Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant, Mae Carraway as Layla, Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

Ethan Hawke’s Marvel villain apparently isn’t amused by the exchange, as the two left to protect an unknown McGuffin from him.

Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant, Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

Harrow then attempted to summon a dangerous creature from the depths of the location with his cane.

Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow, Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

Grant watched from a distance, Layla repelling Harrow’s men. As the monster rises from below, Harrow recites some sort of ritual and may be released in an attempt to catch the runaway pair.


monster, moon knight
Marvel Studios

The clip is as follows:

Moon Knight vs Arthur Harrow and the Demon?

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

It’s unclear what kind of creature Arthur Harrow is trying to summon, but previous trailers may have teased what’s to come. Past footage shows the Moon Knight being chased by a jackal, and the clip above appears to be set before that fatal encounter.


The fact that Harrow can summon demonic creatures shows that he’s not a villain to be pissed off, and that’s causing trouble for Oscar Isaac’s titular antihero. Additionally, it raises the possibility that Harrow will release more creatures.

The secret of McGuffin that Steven and Layla are trying to protect is also a mystery. Fans have speculated that the gem could be the MCU’s version of the ruby ​​scarab, a powerful artifact that can be used to banish the elements to extradimensional prisons.

This may be the key to finally sealing the door to Harrow’s biological chamber, which may explain why Lyra told Steven to protect it at all costs.


Anyway, this latest clip comes from moon knight Provides a glimpse into the supernatural side of the MCU that will finally shine in the series.

moon knight will premiere on Disney+ on March 30.

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