Marvel News – Unexpected story of Loki season 2 teased by Marvel director

New Rocky Director Teases Season 2 Surprise

Loki season 2

ahead of Marvel moon knight Debuting on Disney+, fans are learning more about the upcoming second season Rocky And the connection between the two MCU families.

comic book with Rockys season 2 directors Aaron Moorehead and Justin Benson, who also directed Oscar Isaac’s episodes 2 and 4 moon knight. They shared how they not only appreciate the amazing nature of these two Marvel characters and their stories, but also see them as “They feel like outsiders:”


“We know what attracts us Rocky and moon knight Specifically, it’s just in the MCU that they feel like outsiders. And there’s something we’re really related to. “

As for what fans can expect RockyThe second season of Moorhead teased “new” and “Accident,” and how “Do whatever (they) want to do:”

“I think the most important thing is Rocky just that it’s actually a lot like moon knight, if it’s not something new, there’s no reason to do it. Interestingly, Marvel will indeed be willing to walk away unless it’s really something they’re surprised from moon knight especially because moon knight A character that almost no one knows about him. Will it be changed soon? So we take off the gloves and we can do whatever we want. Everyone at Marvel and ourselves get really excited when we encounter the unexpected.Of course, we want those who watch to feel the same way, and we’re going to bring it all to Rocky. “


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