Marvel News – Tom Hiddleston’s Rocky voice actor just teased his next MCU movie

Marvel Studios veteran Tom Hiddleston remains as popular as ever in the MCU as the franchise enters Phase 4. His mischievous god Loki returns to the wild in his own Disney+ solo series, setting the stage for some of Multiversal’s madness to end in the near future.After starring in six films, with Rocky series and if…?Hiddleston is still doing his part to help the MCU.

Currently, the 11-year MCU veteran is preparing to film his second round of the Disney+ reality show. Rocky Season 2 will premiere in London in summer 2022. Although the new TVA is still alive and looking to further redeem himself when the multiverse is thrown into chaos, his return to the big screen remains a mystery.


With the upcoming movie bringing magic, Asgardians and time-travel shenanigans, Loki definitely has some options to return to theaters. But if an international voice actor is to be believed, the fan-favorite star may soon be back on stage.

Hiddleston returning to the MCU soon?

Tom Hiddleston, Marvel

German voice actor Peter Lonzek, who voiced Tom Hiddleston’s Loki in the MCU, teased that Loki may be on the verge of returning to the big screen in the near future.

As discovered by Murphy’s Multiverse, Lontzek shared in a Tik Tok video he’s currently working on “A new Marvel movie” He can’t say anything:


“I’m currently working on a new Marvel movie and I can’t talk about it.”

Lonzek has been Hiddleston’s German voice actor since Loki made his MCU debut in 2011 Thor until last year Rocky Solo series.

Which movie will Loki star in next?

This quote from Lontzek seems to indicate that sooner or later this return will happen, and most MCU fans will be thrilled to hear it. The voice actors are currently voicing the German version of Loki’s lines, and it’s likely a project that’s not far from release – thankfully, there are several viable options in this regard.

Marvel Studios’ next theatrical release is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, according to a reliable trade report for the summer of 2021, Hiddleston has actually joined. With the multiverse torn at the seams, Loki’s expertise could certainly help in Doctor Strange’s adventures, though the cast or crew in the film didn’t discuss Loki’s inclusion in any way.


I’m also playing in July Thor: Love and Thunderwhich was clearly an option thanks to Hiddleston’s starring role in the first three Thor Movie. It seems unlikely due to the antihero’s new role in the Marvel-era cop, but there’s no way to be sure that Loki won’t go after his brother after finding a sense of redemption.

Analytically looking at his comments, the most likely options seem to be Doctor Strange A sequel, which would confirm previous reports and bring Loki back to another Multiversal storyline. Fans are sure to look for Hiddleston as the film nears release, although it’s clear he won’t be away from the MCU’s big screen for long.

Season 1 Rocky Available for full playback on Disney+. Doctor Strange 2 In theaters May 6, Thor 4 Shortly after July 8.


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