Marvel News – Sony reportedly has an upcoming Spider-Man project in the Venom series

Sony Pictures’ superhero projects are in a very interesting position, both of which are outside of their Spider-Man universe.The company’s latest collaboration with Marvel Studios Spider-Man: Nowhere to Go Become a hit movie of 2021 as it moves towards home release on digital and physical media.Now, Sony is preparing to bring Mobius Going to the Theater, second solo franchise after Tom Hardy venom and its sequel.

Mobius It’s finally ready for its theatrical debut after an almost unprecedented 18-plus-month delay, much of it due to the ongoing fallout from the pandemic. These issues are a recent difficulty with reception, as many early screenings have not yielded great results, although Sony remains optimistic about its prospects.


Sony is working hard to build its own Cow movie universe with Mobius, Venom, and other Marvel villains, though there’s no indication of Spider-Man’s place in the story. However, according to a recent quote from the company’s newest director, that status could change in the near future.

Spider-Man joins the Venom series?

Venom, Andrew Garfield

Cinema Blend with Mobius Director Daniel Espinosa tweeted about the possibility of Spider-Man appearing in the same universe as Venom and Mobius.

when ask about whether “Spider-Man in the Venom Universe” Espinosa simply answer “Of course.”


movie mix conduct ask a question “Which Spider-Man Exists” In that world, Espinosa teases “The audience will soon find out.”

When will Sony use Spider-Man in SSMU?

Following Marvel Studios’ partnership with Sony Pictures, Spider-Man only appears in the MCU, thanks to Tom Holland’s performance (except from the Spider-Man: Nowhere to Go).Considering how Sony’s universe is built on the character of Spider-Man villain and web-slinger teaming up, it seems like some versions of Spider-Man’s look should in place.

The sticky hero’s place in this world is still unclear, especially with other major characters like Venom and Mobius currently in the spotlight. On top of that, Sony has avoided giving any definitive answers about any future versions of Spider-Man planned to appear in these films.


The closest thing to any certainty comes from Venom: There’s Carnagealthough it was completely canceled by what happened at the end Spider-Man: Nowhere to Go.

Now that the MCU and SSMU have been fairly clearly separated, fans will have to wait and see any Spider-Man-related developments from Sony. Hopefully the studio has a way for Spider-Man to blend in effortlessly, especially with his MCU future still in development, but there’s no way to set anything down.

Currently, Mobius It will be released on April 1st.


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