Marvel News – Ryan Reynolds is hiding Deadpool 3 secrets from his Marvel co-stars

Ryan Reynolds is getting closer to his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut due to its upcoming release deadpool 3, in an early stage of development. Having already worked on two hugely successful solo films with 20th Century Fox, the Big Mouth Mercenary will join fellow Marvel after Disney acquires the rights to the X-Men.

details deadpool 3Although Marvel and Reynolds are working hard to develop the film, with help from Reynolds’ best-effort production company, his plot has been kept under wraps. The man behind Wade Wilson is currently the only actor confirmed to appear in the film, although there are plenty of others who have spoken about a potential return for the Fox movie.


Karan Soni is clueless about his comeback as taxi driver Dopinder, while Zazie Beetz wants her to play the lucky heroine Domino again. Even with a passion for the franchise, these actors and more know nothing about the future of Deadpool’s MCU future, or even his love interest on screen.

Reynolds locks down Deadpool 3’s secrets

Deadpool Vanessa
dead Pool

dead Pool and deadpool 2 Star Morena Baccarin talks to The Wrap about knowing nothing about Marvel Studios development deadpool 3.

Although her character Vanessa dies tragically at the beginning deadpool 2, Baccarin has plenty of opportunity to reprise the role in some form in a third solo film.admit she usually “Last Known” Regarding her project information, she recently heard that director Shawn Levy had signed on for the film, but she didn’t know anything:


“I don’t know anything because I’m usually the last one to know. I also live under a rock. I have three kids and you told me there was a director. I didn’t know. I finally heard it, today. I was like, ‘Oh, that’s so cool!'”

Baccarin also admitted that she kept in touch with co-star Ryan Reynolds, constantly texting him to find out if anything was going on with the upcoming trilogy.She hopes to return to play Vanessa again deadpool 3but whenever she asked Reynolds about the film, he always changed the subject to keep her out of it:

“I wish I could be a part of it. I don’t know. They’re very, very tight-lipped. I text Ryan every six months and I’m like, ‘What’s going on?’ And he’s like, ‘Hey, how are you?’ how is your family? “I thought, ‘I’m not asking you!'”

Baccarin’s hopes for Reynolds reunion in MCU

Morena Baccarin is undoubtedly one of the biggest fans of the MCU and has long been associated with the franchise outside of her job dead Pool. She previously ran for Maria Hill in 2012 the Avengersand after she earned two credits on Fox’s duo dead Pool movie, she went all out to bring her character into the MCU.

Now Wade Wilson has Cable’s time-travel gear after the end deadpool 2, there’s clearly an opportunity for Baccarin’s Vanessa to return to a more meaningful role.The antihero has left X-Men Origins: Wolverine version of his character and kills Ryan Reynolds shortly after his doppelganger approves green lantern script, so who’s to say he can’t save the love of his life?


Although Baccarin hopes to return to her role as Vanessa again, it seems likely that she might have to wait a while, based on her quotes about Reynolds’ mysterious nature.

The male protagonist only provides about deadpool 3progress, although the team internally knows when it will hit theaters. Now that Shawn Levy will be directing the film, more information is expected to enter the public eye soon, including that Baccarin could become Deadpool’s true love.

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