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moon knight tells the story of Steven Grant, played by Oscar Isaacs, who shares a body with a mercenary named Mark Spector, who later becomes a superhero who acts as an agent for the Egyptian god Khonshu people. Isaac’s MCU debut was special in many ways, one of which was his portrayal of a character with dissociative identity disorder.

always moon knightDriven by the publicity of , Isaac expressed a strong passion for his Marvel character.


star wars sequel trilogy cast previouslycall this show “(his) baby” While acknowledging that he hopes this will hit the collective consciousness of fans.Most importantly, Isaac also declared moon knight Is “Best Risk” He had been taken away.

In the weeks leading up to the series’ premiere, Isaac said the upcoming series was “The First Legal Character Study” since 2008 iron Man, so “Maybe it’s an opportunity to do something really crazy on a main stage.”

Now, a new interview reveals which MCU veteran tipped Isaac about joining the series.


Robert Downey Jr tips for Oscar Isaac’s Pro MCU

Moon Knight, Iron Man

moon knight Star Oscar Isaac sat down with Extra TV to talk about his MCU debut and the great advice Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. gave him.

Isaac first admitted he talked to Downey “a lot of” About the MCU, discuss with them “What was he feeling, what was his process like:”

Extra TV: “I hope the answer to this question is yes, but have you asked any current Marvel stars for advice on joining the MCU?”

Isaac: “I do talk to Robert Downey Jr. a lot. I talk to him a lot. I mean, he’s already a friend, so just talking to him about it, what he’s feeling and How his process has been, he’s been a great person to talk to, obviously about the whole thing. For me, the biggest inspiration, because to this day, is still the first iron Man The movie is so good. “

When asked what Downey’s first tip was, Isaac revealed that it all revolved around Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.


This dune Actor reveals Downey told him Feige was “genius” with one “Collaborator,” Emphasize that he should not be afraid “Come in and post your thoughts” About the project:

Extra TV: “What was the first tip he ever gave you?”

Isaac: “I think the problem is that he really says Kevin Feige is a genius, he’s a collaborator, so don’t be afraid to come in, pitch your ideas, pitch your ideas, be bold in your choices. “

Oscar Isaac’s Bright MCU Future

Many would agree that getting advice from Robert Downey Jr. should give Oscar Isaac’s MCU tenure an extra boost.also very suitable moon knight Star gets coaching from Tony Stark actor, especially after he “Character Research” compared to 2008 iron Man.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is known for his work with the cast and crew of MCU projects. Downey, who worked with Feige at Infinity Saga for at least a decade, realized that executives were open to any ideas that could greatly improve the project.


Following Downey’s advice, it’s safe to say he made sure Isaac understood Feige’s work ethic.

Looking back on past interviews, Isaac seems to have followed Downey’s advice.Feige previously revealed that Isaac himself “There are several out-of-the-box ideas” This caught their attention, saying “We were like, ‘Maybe this will work..: Spoiler alert: they can.'”

Isaac’s willingness to share those out-of-the-box ideas, coupled with Feige’s collaborative nature, seems to be moon knight, and the show’s positive reviews (so far) prove it. In many ways, it’s reasonable to assume that Isaac has a bright MCU future.


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