Marvel News – New Hawkeye Video Shows Yelena’s Thanos Snap VFX

2021 is a banner year for the MCU, and Hawkeye The finale was a well-deserved strategic shift.The bow-wielding epic marks the fifth streaming series for Marvel Studios, which started a year ago Wanda Vision. As a celebration of one of the longest-serving Avengers in the MCU, Hawkeye See Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton take on a disciple, meet a New York crime boss, and save Christmas.

The series is beloved by fans of the character as they get to see Hawkeye in person for the first time. Although he’s not really alone. Haliee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop steals the show and joins the adventure with Renner’s Marvel mainstay.


And the young blood didn’t stop there. Florence Pugh makes her second appearance in the MCU as Yelena Bellova. Belova was first launched last year black widow and arrive Hawkeye The mission is to kill Clint Barton. While that end goal was never achieved, Yelena did meet Kate, and many hope the duo will continue to make waves for years to come.

some distance now Hawkeye And for the rest of the MCU in 2021, the creatives who made these projects have started celebrating their work. That’s the case with Rise Visual Effects Studio, the team tasked with portraying one of the many shocking disappearances in the MCU narrative.

A glimpse under the hood of the Hawkeye

Rise Visual Effects Studio, last year in Hawkeyereleased a new reel showcasing their work on the MCU show, giving fans a look at how shots like Yelena Belova’s snaps came to be.


The aforementioned breakdown of the Snap sequence shows how the effects team made this scene happen. It looks like the crew shot a version of Florence Pugh looking in a mirror, then rendered a dusty version of the young hero on top of the actual reflection:

Hawkeye Yelena Snap VFX
Rise Visual Effects Studio

Another photo of Pugh’s Yelena shows her wearing her signature green goggles. The Rise team actually brought these goggles to life because the scene was shot with a black plastic mask and greened in post-production:

Eagle Eye Yelena Mask VFX
Rise Visual Effects Studio

Last Hawkeye The focus shot shows the skyline work done by the VFX team. Clearly, Rise had to add the entire skyline to the background of the Central Park shot:


Hawkeye New York VFX
Rise Visual Effects Studio

See the full video breakdown below:

Assemble the Avengers

as fans watched in amazement Hawkeye Like Yelena’s snapshot scene, it’s really cool to see how the sausages are made. These behind-the-scenes footage almost make the mega-blockbusters appreciate even more.


Something as simple as a pair of green night vision goggles or a city skyline on the screen is anything but. What viewers take for granted at some point actually takes hours of human labor to get just right on the big and small screens – which is pretty special.

There is not much information to glean in this kind of failure. This is just a studio proud of the blood, sweat and tears they put into making it happen.It would be cool to see a longer piece showing all the effects companies involved Hokeye to determine the amount of visual effects work that makes this magic happen.

Here’s the thing: These aren’t some of the more exaggerated scenes from the Disney+ franchise. So this VFX gold mine definitely has a lot more to explore.


Hawkeye Now available in full on Disney+.

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