Marvel News – New Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 suit photos bring danger to the Nebula

While fans are eagerly anticipating Marvel’s 2022 launch, there are also expectations for the studio’s 2023 lineup, especially James Gunn’s lineup Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Even if separated by six years roll. 2 Beginning in the Phase 4 trilogy, the Guardians are Avengers: Infinity Warwhile Karen Gillan’s Nebula proved indispensable in 2019 Avengers: Endgame and the ending of the infinite saga.

although End Game was the last time the audience saw the Guardians on the screen, Thor: Love and Thunder With the crew confirmed to appear in the Taika Waititi movie this July, that’s going to change that.


However, although Thor 4 likely to be roll. 3interviews and social media posts have given fans a sense of what to expect from the third and final Guardians movie.

Now, a new revealing post from Nebula’s Karen Gillan teases an idea about the dangers awaiting a fan-favorite ensemble in 2023.

Guardians 3 Makeup Means Nebula’s Danger

As Marvel continues to shoot Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3Karen Gillan shared a photo of herself wearing battle-hardened Nebula makeup on her Instagram.


Although the actress covered her mouth and one side of her face, from what could be seen, Nebula appeared to have suffered some damage and was covered in black burn marks or residue.

The actress shared the following quote in her story:

“I’m on my 170th makeup application, but I appreciate this cake anyway.”

Karen Gillan, Nebula


Will Nebula survive Guardians of the Galaxy Vol? 3?

While director James Gunn is keeping the plot of the trilogy under wraps, what he and the cast have confirmed is that roll. 3 It gets emotional and not everyone survives.

Since Nebula is arguably the most developed guardian, because she End Game Arc, it’s hard to deny that from a screenwriter’s point of view, she’s likely to be killed off.

Although originally the villain in the 2014 film, roll. 2 More of Nebula’s tragic past and her complicated relationship with Gamora are revealed.Then, in End Gameher transformation from villain to hero is complete when she kills one of her former variants to save a variant of Gamora.


Since the new Gamora, along with Star-Lord and Rocket, have a long way to go to complete their arc, and Groot has I am Groot Karen Gillan’s battle-damaged makeup on Disney+ could be a bad sign for the former Thanos daughter.

Still, it’s hard to predict anything at the moment, especially since Will Poulter’s Adam Warlock and Advanced Evolutionary are expected to mix things up.Also, except for the Guardians Thor 4the crew also has a holiday special set to air on Disney+ later this year.

With so many stories to tell, anything could happen to Gunn’s Guardians; but if Karen Gillan’s photos confirm anything, it’s that this cosmic duo will have an uphill battle on May 5, 2023 .


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