Marvel News – Morbius director reveals end-credits scene spoilers and details

Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man character universe has long been a divisive topic among fans. Many feel that the studio has been mishandling its characters, and they’d better be better off with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the MCU. However, Sony doesn’t think so.they have published venom and Venom: There’s Carnagea third entry coming soon: Jared Leto’s Mobius.

The project once again focuses on Spider-Man villains without the Spider-Man aspect. This time, fans will get to know Dr. Michael Morbius, who accidentally turned himself into a vampire after trying to find a cure for his blood disease.


Thanks to such a multiverse Rocky and Spider-Man: Nowhere to Go, can’t help but ask: In what universe does this new film take place? Judging by the marketing materials, Sony doesn’t seem to know it itself.

Warning – the remainder of this article contains major spoilers Mobius‘ post-credits scene.

Now, a new interview is out and offers some answers about the end credits scene at the end of the movie (which regular viewers haven’t seen); the answers only make things more confusing.


Morbius Post-Credit Description

Michael Keaton Mobius

in a interview Presence with Cinema Blend promotion Produced by Sony Pictures itself, Mobius Director Daniel Espinosa answers some spoiler questions about the movie’s end credit sequence.

While no full description was given, apparently at some point in the end credits, Michael Keaton’s Vulture appears in full costume after being teleported to his universe from the MCU, with Jared Leto’s Moby Uz talk.When asked how the character got his costume, the director said “He’s a resourceful guy:”

“Look closely and you’ll see it’s not quite the same as Homecoming, he’s a resourceful guy.”

movie mix then ask If Vulture is setting up Sinister Six Movie, Espinosa commented on his hiring “Sure looks like a start:”


“Well, he is recruiting teammates. He has already recruited them. It seems to be the beginning.”

Totally confusing post-credits answer

For those reading this, don’t feel bad if none of these answers make sense – they don’t make sense.The first question is how the MCU’s Michael Keaton will respond venom– The verse first? Doctor Strange’s spell only sends people from a parallel timeline back to where they came from; it doesn’t send natives out of the MCU.

It’s also unprecedented for a studio to market its film based on end-credits spoilers a week before its release.It shows that the studio has zero confidence in its own work, and hopes to attract more people’s attention through spoilers Mobius.

The whole strategy is a pretty shameful one, and it certainly doesn’t make the studio look great. It’s hard not to wonder what Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige thinks about the whole situation. After all, the details mentioned above are directly related to the continuity of the MCU, aka his baby.


Due to the extremely negative reaction the project received, Jared Leto’s living vampires may have no future in the first place.Looks like Sony may never get their fancy Sinister Six Off-the-ground projects; if they did, most people probably wouldn’t even want to watch it.

Mobius Released on April 1.

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