Marvel News – Moon Knight writer explains what’s wrong with Fantastic Four reboot

After so many years of countless superhero projects, almost every major creative in Hollywood has dabbled in the genre. Some may have better records than others, but there are a lot of comeback stories like Ryan Reynolds, Michael B Jordan, and more recently, Fantastic Four-turned around-moon knight Writer Jeremy Slater.

20th Century Fox’s second attempt Fantastic Four 2015 movies chronicleJosh Trank is directing and Jeremy Slater is writing the screenplay. The critically acclaimed film introduces audiences to Mr. Fantastic from Miles Teller, Invisible Woman from Kara Mara, Human Torch from Michael B. Jordan and Ben Grimm from Jamie Bell.


Throughout production, there were reports of Trank having trouble on set, last-minute budget cuts, and even studio-authorized reshoots. As expected, the end result was a disaster. After several poorly received trailers, the film grossed just $167 million worldwide, with a 9% critic rating and 18% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The author behind the poorly-reviewed blockbuster is now dealing with moon knightTheme of Fan4stic Naturally resurfaced.

Moon Knight Writer Talks The Fantastic Four Reboots

Fantastic Four 2015

Questions from fans on Twitter, moon knight Writer Jeremy Slater explains what went wrong in 2015 Fantastic Four Rebooting, he co-wrote the script.


author of obsolete marvel movies disclose The film’s problems stem from his attempts to “Write it as an MCU movie” which one “That’s not what the director wanted.” Fortunately, this is not something Slater has to worry about moon knight:

“Well, most of my problems with the Fantastic Four stem from my attempt to write it as an MCU movie, which is not what the director wanted. I don’t have that problem here.”

When asked if he was invited to play a role in Jon Watts’ MCU reboot, Slater joked that they “unnecessary [his] stink in another Fantastic Four but he is sure “It would be great:”

“Trust me, they don’t need my stench for another Fantastic Four. Plus, the Marvel creative executives on the project are all amazing. It’s going to be awesome.”

Why is Fant4stic so bad?

From the beginning, 2015 Fantastic Four Beset by set issues, studio difficulties, budget cuts, and a poor script. All of these difficulties resulted in the end product being widely criticized, which suffered from uninteresting characters, poor visuals, and unnecessarily dark tones… but at least the actors did a good job.


Bad reviews and a bland trailer led to a really bad box office, which grossed just $167 million worldwide.For context, the miserable box office total was even below budget Spider-Man: Nowhere to Go And below the MCU’s lowest-grossing film, Incredible Hulkearning only $265 million worldwide.

Since Jeremy Slater’s writing difficulties come from him trying to write a script like an MCU movie, this shouldn’t be a problem for him moon knightearly reviews certainly show that reviewers like it.

After the dire results of 2015 Fantastic Four, Slater had better not let Jon Watts reboot the MCU, even if only to avoid harming it.But given the grand compliments moon knight Accepting, hopefully he’ll be back for season two and more future superhero adventures.


For those of you who have 100 minutes to kill – and really want to feel every minute – Fantastic Four Now streaming on Disney+ in select regions.

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