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Marvel Studios’ first episode moon knight It has always been warmly received by fans, especially praise for Oscar Isaac’s performance as the timid and compassionate Steven Grant. But as fans quickly developed an attachment to the docile gift shop employee, seeing Kong-sook repeatedly belittle the bewildered man made them worse.

Khonshu, voiced by Oscar-winning actor F. Murray Abraham moon knightIn the first episode, Grant reprimanded for interrupting Mark Spector’s important mission. This quest has to do with a scarab that Grant found in his pocket, which everyone, including Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow, desperately wanted.


Khonshu, Moon Knight Show
Marvel Studios

So, what exactly is a scarab? What was Kong Shu’s intention? Was it just to prevent Amit, the goddess of Harrow, from reaching the physical plane, or did the Egyptian luna have a plan of his own? The god of vindictiveness and bird head certainly made it a habit in the comics, but do they match what might happen in future episodes?

Why are scarabs so important?

When confronting Steven Grant at the museum, Harrow told Grant that the scarab did not belong to him, but to his goddess Amit.Harrow also explained that after Amit “Tired of having to wait for sinners to commit crimes before punishing them,” her countrymen “Lazy” The gods, even her own avatar, betrayed her.

Whether that means she was somehow killed or imprisoned by them, Harrow, as her new avatar, needs the Scarab to free her so she can punish the world’s past, present, and future sinners.However, attentive fans will notice that the same scarab is featured in a feature video moon knightit can be seen hovering in Harrow’s hands.


Scarab Arthur Harrow Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

Perhaps the scarab acts as some kind of compass, pointing Harrow and his expedition to a tomb that hides Amit’s prisoners. Once found, Harrow will use the powers Amit gave him to free her, which also appears to appear in the trailer with a purple storm targeting the pyramids.

Moon Knight Pyramid Purple
Marvel Studios

Regardless, Kongshu is keen to prevent this from happening in any way necessary.But does Amit’s betrayal story suggest that Kong Shuo was one of them? “Lazy” God?

Who is Amit?

Amit, as Harrow describes it, actually fits in with actual Egyptian mythology, and she was a goddess to be feared rather than worshipped because she threatened to condemn the eternal restlessness of sinful minds. But before Amit can devour the hearts of sinners, they must be matched by the feathers of Maat by Anubis, the god of death, if they are considered impure, and only then can Amit devour them.


Amit Marvel Comics Group
“Moon Rider” (2016) – Issue 3

According to Harrow, this system likely drove Amit to become “tired” Waiting for the sinner to die, which leads her to rebel and become “betray” By her gods and avatars. Fans even got a glimpse of Amit’s ultimate goal when Amit judged Harrow’s followers through him before they died or even committed any crime.

As for Kong Shu is one of them “Lazy” Help quell Amit’s rebellious gods, if he makes sense as in the comics. Marvel’s Khonshu is not only the god of the moon, but the god of vengeance, and you certainly can’t take vengeance without a sinner’s victim to avenge it.

Is Kong Shu still the god of vengeance?

I don’t know if Kong Shu’s depiction is in the moon knight Will be consistent with the comics, because in Egyptian mythology, Kongshu is just the moon god, not the god of vengeance. Marvel’s Luna even takes precedence over his actual duty to the moon, and his priority for revenge is obsession.


God of vengeance, moon knight Kongshu comics
“Moon Rider” (2006) – Issue 4

In Egyptian mythology, although the Egyptian god is indeed depicted as guarding and protecting those who travel by night, even with the title of “Defender”, he is not focused on carrying out any kind of revenge. The mythical Kong Shu is actually the opposite of his comic counterpart, the god of fertility, and even of healing.

steven grant blood moon knight

Although, so far, the series has shown Khonshu’s Avatar Marc Spector to be very violent. So far, Spector has hit multiple humans with a big stick until his fists are covered in blood, killing a monster with his bare hands. At one point, Kongshu even threatened to kill his avatar if he didn’t take down the scarab.

So far, Kong Shuo doesn’t really reflect his fabulously accurate self in the first episode, especially if things just move forward.


But, other than keeping the scarab away from Harrow and his loyal followers, what exactly does Kong-shu have planned? After all, in the comics, Kongshu is one of the Egyptian gods who has the most contact with humans for his own selfishness.

Luna’s scheming

We’ve explained many of Khonshu’s exploits in the comics in the past, such as having Marc Spector as the Avenger or manipulating him to chop off the face of his nemesis.However, there is a possibility that we have not yet delved into moon knight series.

In Jeff Lemell’s “Moon Rider”, it is said A major inspiration for the Disney+ show, Kongshu asked Spector to kill Seth, the Egyptian god of war, to prevent him from invading Earth. Khonshu explained that a place called “Othervoid”, also known as Celestial Heliopolis, is where all the Enneads live – trapped.


Other Void Knight comic panels
“Moon Rider” (2016) – Issue 2

Now, none of the Egyptian gods can leave this place to visit our dimension and must project their consciousness into our world through avatars. Such as ex-mercenary Marc Spector as Kongshu’s avatar or Arthur Harrow as Amit’s avatar in the series.

Avatar Khonshu Comic Panel Moon Knight
“Moon Rider” (2016) – Issue 2

So, it seems like Seth, Amit is trying to break out of her trap, similar to other voids, to impose her will on Earth. Things that Kongshu asked Spector to stop at all costs, and in the case of the first episode, that included preventing Harrow from getting the Scarab.

However, in Lemuel’s cartoon, Kongshu tricked Spector. His true intention is to have Spector’s body again so he can be reborn on Earth and free from his own shackles. So, who’s to say that Khonshu won’t launch something similar by the end of this series? Kong Shu certainly looks like the controlling and abusive father figure he portrays in the comics.


Not to mention that he has treated him as a one-off and threatened to kill him for failure. After all, if Spector were to die, Kongshu could simply approach another desperate soul as his doppelganger.

Marc Spector Moon Knight Khonshu comic panel
“Moon Rider” (2016) – Issue 5

Interestingly enough, in this story, Ammut actually teamed up with Khonshu to help him steal Spector’s body.This is an unlikely possibility, but given that Ammut and Khonshu moon knightunless like the comics, it’s also a trick.

Khonshu Ammit Comic Panels Moon Knight
“Moon Rider” (2016) – Issue 14

Another possibility is that after Spector stops Harrow, Kongshu might get the same idea as Amit and try to break into our world himself. After all, he’s tried multiple times in the comics, only to suppress his ambitions multiple times for his avatar, even seemingly killing him once.


The show even sets this up by mentioning how Amit’s own avatar “betrayed” her, so fans should keep an eye out for Luna and not rule out his use of an avatar’s body not just for a timeshare but for a permanent residence idea.

Fans can continue to watch Moon Knight on Disney+ on Wednesday to learn about Khonshu’s true motivations.

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