Marvel News – Moon Knight Actress Lucy Thackeray on Oscar Isaac’s Generosity, Marvel Secrecy, and More (Exclusive)

Fans were ecstatic when they learned that Oscar Isaac was set to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not only that, but there’s a man of unique complexity: the Moon Knight. The hero suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), which eventually led to the character developing a number of different personalities – while also believing that he was given superpowers by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu.

After Isaac’s experience in the “Star Wars” franchise, many thought he might never return to the Disney project — that’s what he said. But luckily, fate had a different idea.


However, the upcoming Disney+ show isn’t just for big names like Isaac. Lucy Thackeray, for example, made her MCU debut as Donna, the owner of the Egyptian Museum where Steven Grant worked.

Sit down directly with Thackeray about her time on the high-profile MCU project, what it’s like to work with Oscar Isaac, and how Marvel Studios is known for its high secrecy.

Isaac’s Charm and the Secret of Miracles

donna steven grant moon knight

In an exclusive interview, sit down directly with moon knight Actress Lucy Thackeray talks about her role of Donna in the new Disney+ series and what it’s like to work with Oscar Isaac.


Thackeray was quick to praise the famous actor, saying the experience “It was amazing” he is “really generous” and “A real actor’s actor:”

“It’s fantastic, and [laughs] I was really nervous on the first day. Because it’s Oscar Isaac. You know? He’s so cute and a true… actor’s actor. So he was really generous. This is a real collaboration. I’ve done things where you have pretty big names in them and you’re kind of not allowed to talk to them. Or not allowed to give any advice or anything like that…with the ego, you really feel like there’s a hierarchy on set.But I really don’t feel it at all moon knight. ”

Although she noticed how she “think[s] A lot of them are Oscars,” The actress also put the spotlight on one of the show’s directors, Mohamed Diab, who “Very enthusiastic and energetic:”

“I think a big part of that is Oscar because he’s very generous, and Mohammad Diab, [one of the] director[s]. [Diab] Very enthusiastic and energetic. It put me at ease right away…Oscar Isaac doesn’t feel like a movie star to me anymore, you know what I mean? He’s normal…and cute. This is very interesting. “

Donna Moon Knight

What really blew her away was Oscar Isaac’s high rating in his trailer reaction video with Ethan Hawke.Thackeray exclaimed how “[she] Didn’t even know I was going to be in the trailer” the whole situation “It’s so surreal:”


“Yes, I mean… [I thought], ‘what? ‘ I have a lot of people texting me at the same time. [They were like,] “You have to watch this video!” I didn’t know I was going to be in the trailer, I should have mentioned it. So, that morning, because apparently it disappeared first in America when I was in bed.So I woke up in the morning with all the texts from people I hadn’t seen in years…when I saw Oscar and Ethan [Hawke] Watching the video, it feels surreal, but now everyone thinks I’m cool. “

As for whether all her scenes with Oscar Isaac became the final product, the actress was surprised to see “It’s all in,” what she noticed was “Very rare [her]:”

“No, actually. It all goes in, which is very rare for me. I’m usually on the cutting room floor first [laughs]…it’s funny, I don’t know, people just love Donna.They’re always laughing on set; they might just be polite, but…that stuff always makes for a laugh, so because moon knight Yeah, it’s not heavy, but it goes to some dark places and I think they need the comic relief that Donna brings. “

When it comes to her first audition moon knight, the secrecy of the project is as one would expect.When she sent her tapes, not only “for Untitled Marvel Project,” But Thackeray also “I didn’t even know [her character] Known as Donna:”

“So, I auditioned…my agent emailed this tape Untitled Marvel Project. I thought, ‘Well, there’s no way I’d get that job. So I kinda like it…obviously I put in the effort, but I’m in a bit of a hurry. I thought, ‘It doesn’t make sense. They are bound to see thousands of people. Anyway, I made the tape and didn’t think about it.A few weeks later, I got a call from…my agent saying you’re on Marvel’s shortlist [project]. I was like, “Okay…this is…I still don’t quite believe it.” Then I thought about a week later when my agent called…he was pretty cool about it. [He] Said, “So you’ve got an offer from Marvel to play Donna,” when in fact, I didn’t even know her name was Donna at the time. They changed the names of all the characters. “

When she finally got the role, the actress admitted she was “A little shocked,” That didn’t stop her “Jump[ing] Up and down like a child:”


“It was really exciting, and I was a little bit shocked. Then I jumped up and down like a kid. It was really exciting. I’m still in shock about it.”

Donna Moon Knight

moon knight Had the rare opportunity to go to Budapest to shoot the play. Thackeray said, “[she] Been to Budapest twice,” First time at the height of the COVID lockdown.This led to her and other actors “Limited to [a] five star hotel:”

“I mean, that was great. I went to Budapest twice. The first time was height [COVID] Hungary is under lockdown. So there are no tourists and everything is closed. So me and the rest of the cast were just confined to this 5 star hotel, which was lovely. “

Despite the challenges those times brought, the actress admits how she “Feeling really lucky [have been] Then you can travel” first:

“But yeah, it’s amazing…I’m really lucky to be able to [have been] was able to travel at that time when no one else could. I mean, [Hungary] Not easy. We must have had about a thousand forms, you know, all of them, and interviewed a woman who looked really stern.But yeah, it was fun…the second time I went out, I relaxed a bit so I saw more of the real Budapest [which was great]. “

Oscar Isaac variable

Sometimes there are stories about stars that make an issue a rave against them. Other times, the opposite is true – a clear picture is drawn, showing the names in a strong frontal spotlight.


This is a good example of that.Thackeray’s image of Isaac illustrates that the actor is moon knightsuccess. There are plenty of egos in the film industry, and it’s (seem) pretty rare to come across a big name without egos, no doubt.

Hopefully this actor will be a cornerstone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for many years to come. After all, with the team Blade appears to be building, the Fist of Khonshu could be an invaluable asset.

As for Thackeray herself, the actress has just started her MCU debut, and the mention of Budapest should be a hopeful sign that there will be more Donna antics.


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