Marvel News – Mobius star confident in sequel despite bad reviews

While Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has had synergistic success with Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, the latter has been developing its own exclusive cinematic universe. Centered on Tom Hardy’s Venom, Sony’s Connected World takes advantage of the rogues of Peter Parker’s comics gallery, albeit nowhere to be found.there are two venom Movies already under its belt, Sony expands its world with Jared Leto’s films Mobius.

The unfortunate circumstances paved the way for the living vampires to come to April 1st. Mobius Filming was completed nearly three years ago, but COVID-19 put the initial release in July 2020 on hold. The film will be delayed a total of six times before an April Fool’s release date is set.


Unfortunately, the bad news doesn’t end there.

early screening Mobius Disappointing fans, some called the photo “As bad as you might expect.” Director Daniel Espinosa will participate in a spoiler-laden interview a week before the film’s release, which equates to 180 Spider-Man: Nowhere to Goof heavily guarded marketing campaigns.

Regardless of reviews and questionable marketing decisions, a Mobius The star is pleased with the film’s sequel chances.


Matt Smith is hopeful for Mobius 2

mobius movie vampire

A new Marvel saga is coming, and it sounds like he won’t be leaving.

talk to digital spies, Mobius Star Matt Smith points out that he wants the title character to “Go on to star in multiple films” after his origin story.

“It’s a new Marvel character for them, so to speak. I’m sure Michael Morbius will keep coming back, so hopefully it opens up a new world and will stick around for multiple films. .”

Played by Smith “Confusing” Milo admits he doesn’t believe the movie is finally coming out.This Doctor Who actors encourage people “Go to the cinema” accept it:


“We made it a long time ago, and to be honest, I can’t believe it’s coming out. I’m glad people saw it. I hope people like it, I hope people go to the cinema and see it and, because of it, you know , is a movie.”

What’s next for Michael Morbius?

Box Office Revenue Will Determine the Future of Movies Mobius franchise, but Sony Pictures probably has no plans to retire the lead character after a movie.Tom Hardy’s venom It’s currently at 30% on Rotten Tomatoes, but its $856 million return gave Sony an easy decision to greenlight the sequel.Impressive follow-up as 2021 Venom: There’s Carnage It was well-received in what was then the biggest domestic opening weekend of the pandemic era.

Current forecasts are Mobius The debut alone generated about $50 million in revenue.mix its global totals and future domestic weeks, and Mobius It should easily recover its $75 million budget.

That said, it faces an uphill battle when it comes to promotional costs. Most six-month blockbuster marketing campaigns flirt with nine figures. MobiusThe first trailer for the movie debuted more than two years ago.considering Mobius Delayed six times, including last minute earlier this year, these release date changes could cost Sony “Less than $5 million.”


Despite the financial guessing game, Leto’s Mobius may be just getting started.Even if Sony has a Mobius 2the character may appear in many upcoming cosmic movies, such as Dakota Johnson’s net lady or Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Hunter Kraven.

Mobius Released on April 1.

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