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Marvel fans around the world are conflicted about how they feel about the latest entry into Sony’s Spider-Man universe. Mobius The reviews it received were less than stellar, and it was one of the lowest rated films in Marvel Cinematic History. From the production to the acting to the story, it’s hard for Marvel fans to focus on a Jared Leto-led movie. Just as the movie was about to end, Mobius Managed to make Marvel history with a post-credits scene.

The situation between Sony and Disney, SSU and MCU, and their respective classics, is volatile at best.While there is a lack of world building between the credits Mobiusthe post-credits scene is arguably the most important desert fans have ever seen, especially when it comes to the Sony Spider-Man universe.


There’s a lot to be said around the context of these two scenes, but what’s historic is the connection between the two.Since the Marvel movies began in 2012, the two end-credits scenes have been the Avengersthe themes are mostly a world building and a comic relief.

Mobius Officially breaking the pattern.

Morbius post-credit scene: first of its kind

Marvel, Mobius, Michael Keaton

Warning – the remainder of this article contains spoilers Mobius.


Looking back, these two Mobius In the end credits, Michael Keaton reprises the role of Adrian Toomes (aka Vulture).The first shows the condor being transported from prison to SSU, his last known location Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Toomes doesn’t seem surprised to be in a completely different universe, and the screen switches to a credit roll. Then, make history. The second end-credits scene is a direct follow-up to Vulture being transported into this universe, where he meets the titular character Michael Morbius to discuss a team to hunt down the web-slinger known as Spider-Man.

This is the first time in Marvel history that two end credits from the same film are narratively connected to each other.until MobiusMarvel’s end credits tag never followed the storyline left in the movie’s previous end credits scenes.


also, Mobius It was the first non-MCU Marvel movie to feature two end credits. Mobius Despite negative reviews from fans and critics, it has become historic in its own right.

Sony Spider-Man post-credits scene world

Mobius, Spiderman

For the past six months, the end credits of the Sony Spider-Man universe have overshadowed pretty much anything that happened before the opening credits were released.

Venom 2: Let Carnage Ahead of the film’s release, the entire promotional campaign was focused solely on the post-credits scene. This highlights the real problem facing SSU. These movies use Tom Holland’s Spider-Man’s MCU connection as more of a crutch than anything else.


Not just two post-credit scenes Mobius directly connected, but they also felt like they were trying to force the audience to remember that it was technically a spiderman Movie. The essence of world-building in this vampire movie boils down to inserting the names of popular characters in the middle of seemingly random sentences, making the post-credits scene of this historic event feel more fabricated than earned.

both Venom 2 and Mobius There is a direct link to the end credits scene Spider-Man: No way out. One of the biggest movies of all time, while a feather in Sony’s hands, is firmly rooted in the MCU. That means arguably the most important part of the two latest entries in Sony’s Spider-Man universe relies on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which worries anyone who wants SSU to establish its own identity without interfering with the MCU canon.

The dice were rolled in December 2021, when the MCU decided to bring in various clips from previous non-MCU Sony films no way home. Most of the time, the dice are seven and everyone wins. However, it does allow SSU to now have some say in the MCU’s story, a risk that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and his colleagues have. Thoughts are sure to be handled skillfully and gracefully. They were wrong.


SSU soon affected not only Spider-Man: Nowhere to Go But it also pulls one of the MCU’s most beloved villains into its world. Sony did this with back-to-back end credits scenes that, frankly, had nothing to do with their previous films.It’s almost like a show host Mobius Hopefully fans leave theaters thinking they’ve just watched an MCU movie that will historically be loved and loved by the masses.

SSU has a major identity problem, and these historic post-credit scenarios don’t help.Introducing Vulture in SSU breaks an already loose plot shield There is no way home. It wasn’t long before the click-bait-style use of the word “Spider-Man” took all focus away from Jared Leto’s Mobius. Moving forward, this universe is on thin ice, and fans are looking for a true Spider-Man movie universe.

If you ask the fans, a lot of people want Andrew Garfield back in this universe to deal with the villain they set up between the two venom and Mobius. But PTSD kicks in when one remembers that what gave Disney the rights to Spider-Man was Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker surrounded by a poorly made universe.


As these post-credit scenes force that narrative, fans are heading toward a similar outcome.

Mobius It’s showing in theaters now.

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