Marvel News – Mobius Director Reveals Details Of Michael Keaton’s Vulture Deleted Scene

After many delays, Mobius, Sony’s latest addition to the Spider-Man universe, is finally out. Whether fans want it is another question.While audiences had issues with the film’s plot and quality, much of the protest stemmed from the film’s misleading publicity campaign and its use of Michael Keaton’s vultures Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The following venom and Venom: There’s Carnage, Mobius Originally intended to be the third installment in Sony’s MCU’s adjacent Spider-Man universe.When delays lead to project releases Spider-Man: Nowhere to Gofans are curious to see how the studio will continue to deal with the presence of Multiversal Spideys in the upcoming films.


This conspiracy is only exacerbated by the fact Mobius‘ The trailer mentions Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man series, and a clip of Michael Keaton as Adrian Toombs or Vulture.

It’s shocking that neither Keaton nor those cyberslinging moments were included in the main movie. And, even worse, Mobius‘ The end credits scene involving Keaton seems paradoxical Spider-Man: Nowhere to Godiverse precedents.

Fans will naturally have questions, especially regarding Keaton’s role in the film.Now Mobius‘ Director Daniel Espinosa has confirmed, homecoming Little people exist.


Morbius director talks about cutting Michael Keaton scene

Vulture, Spiderman, Mobius

When Variety asked Daniel Espinosa about any shots between Morbius and Vulture that didn’t make it into the final cut, Mobius The director admitted that “No more, but there’s always a bit on the cutting room floor:”

“For a while, we thought more about the idea that how people see each other is going to be more complex. When you make a movie, you have all these different ideas, and then we decided to make it pure and put it close The epilogue, because it’s clearer. That’s what people do. No more, but there’s always some on the cutting room floor.

Due to the multiple delays of the film, many have speculated no way home led Sony to make changes Mobiusincluding those scenes featuring Keaton, considering the actor admitted to filming more scenes before the film’s release.

When Espinosa was asked when the final scene between Mobius and Keaton’s Condor was originally filmed, the director claimed “Many of the vulture scenes were shot from the start:”


“Many of the vulture scenes were shot from the start. What had to change was the physiology of how it moves between worlds.”

The director went on to explain who was in charge “The idea of ​​moving between worlds” confirm it is “Invented by Sony, not by the MCU:”

“The idea of ​​moving between worlds was invented by Sony, not by the MCU. They did it, and then I had to adjust. That’s how the Marvel universe is, in comic books it’s always expanding. Some rules you Take your time to set it together, but the creators are different. The whole idea of ​​the Marvel universe is that you have to create collaborations so they can work together. If you have Chris Claremont who is making X-Men, he talks to Steve Ditko, There are obviously different points of view, and if J. Michael Straczynski is involved, they have to work together to make these rules.”

How Morbius ‘had to adapt’ to Sony and Nowhere

did Mobius suffer because it follows Spider-Man: Nowhere to Go? Considering what the director said, it does sound like that.

Espinosa admits to extra vulture footage – and his decision “Make it pure and put it at the end” – Of course it’s fun. This means that the Spider-Man villain had different plans early in production, and his role shouldn’t be limited to post-credits scenes.


Furthermore, he claims that Sony invented “moving between worlds”, cause him to have “Adjustment” It’s hinted that there might be different plans for how and why Vulture could make it into Sony’s Spider-Man universe.

If so, will it be fun to learn Mobius‘The writer’s original task was to explain the intersection between the different universes and what that explanation should be.

Now, will fans know the truth behind it? Mobius‘ production and how no way home The impact on the film remains to be seen. Meanwhile, Sony faces an uphill battle with comic book fans in managing new low expectations. Hunter Kraven and net ladyand audience interest in their own attempts to build the Marvel Universe.


Mobius It’s showing in theaters now.

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