Marvel News – MCU Theory Links Fantastic Four’s Latvia to Moon Knight Episode 1

Since it was announced at D23 that director Jon Watts will helm the next film Fantastic Four movie, fans can’t wait to see Marvel’s first family being introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But beyond the titular family, fans are still waiting for the arrival of one of Marvel’s greatest villains, the ruler of Latvia, Doctor Doom.

However, the team behind the project has been cricketing beyond the potential set-up for fans to see Latvia’s rise in the MCU after that stellar unveiling.More hopeful, however, are recent rumors that Doctor Doom will have a “very slight” role in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.


So it’s no surprise that some fans found a village featured in the premiere. moon knight There are striking resemblances to a particular faction nation.

Familiar Eastern European Villages in Moon Knights

exist moon knightIn the first episode, Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant wakes up from his first coma and suddenly finds himself in the countryside, seemingly just jumping out of the window of a huge castle.

Castle Moon Knight Disney+

Grant stumbled into hiding in a village at the foot of Castle Hill as he fled from several gunmen.


Rider Murakami Disney+

Once inside, multiple signs written in Slavic can be seen, indicating that Grant somehow found himself somewhere in Eastern Europe, possibly even the Balkans in Europe.

German Moon Knight Village Disney+

It was worse for Grant that the whole village was following a man, Arthur Harrow of Ethan Hawke, whom Max Spector had just stolen.

Cult Moon Knight Village Disney+

Some comic fans may find this somewhat familiar, and it sounds a lot like the fictional country of Latvia, located in the Balkans of Europe, and its capital is Doomstadt. The home of Victor von Doom, who lived in the aptly named Castle Doom overlooking the city and was regarded as a living god by the citizens.


Doomstadt Latveria Doctor Doom Comic Panel
Marvel Comics

Due to the similarities, fans have speculated that this might actually be Latvia itself, but there are several holes in the idea.

A far cry from Latvia

If this is really a village in Latvia, it must have been before Doctor Doom took over it. Otherwise, the Fantastic Four will crush Harrow like a mosquito before converting him to one of his citizens.

So, alternatively, if this could be Latvia before Doomsday, then if his eventual rule ends up being fairly close rather than spanning years, that would reduce his iron-fisted control of the fictional country.


it’s weird too moon knightMost importantly, being the first project in the MCU to introduce key locations for the Fantastic Four. The vigilante has no ties to Marvel’s first family or Doctor Doom, so it would be an odd choice for his show to be the first introduction to Latvia.

All things considered, this is just a series of coincidences related to the fictional country. But it’s certainly a preview of things to come, as these citizens zealously defend their leaders, not unlike Doom, from superhero interlopers.

Unless Harrow has multiple locations like this village around the world, it’s also possible that this location will make another appearance in the series. Considering he’s essentially a cult leader with a global following, it’s no surprise that even some of Steven Grant’s colleagues are loyal to him.


So, when Doctor Doom and his country make a grand appearance in the series, maybe fans can see the village being absorbed by his growing empire after Harrow’s fall. This is sure to be another way of showing Doom’s growing power and influence.

Fans can continue to watch moon knight Check out Disney+ every Wednesday to see if the village makes a comeback.

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