Marvel News – Marvel’s Morbius director reacts to bad reviews

Sony Pictures Just Released What’s Next For The Spider-Man Universe With Jared Leto Mobius. The film has been delayed several times before, one of which may have been due to Spider-Man: Nowhere to Go. But fear not, it’s finally here, and it’s — well, not great, at least for those who’ve seen it so far.

Many pointed to the film’s outdated feel, lackluster visuals, and a set of truly baffling end credits. Even Sony’s previous outings, Venom: There’s Carnageisn’t torn apart like a living vampire; its Rotten Tomatoes score isn’t something to be proud of either.


Given the outrage of the voice, it’s hard not to wonder what the people behind the project have to say about everything being said.Thank goodness the director behind Mobius Sit down and reveal exactly what he thinks about all the words thrown at him.

Mobius’ Daniel Espinosa faces critics

mobius movie

In an interview with Insider, Mobius Director Daniel Espinosa has commented on the negative reviews his latest project has received.

the director commented “It’s a weird thing to do to the public,” and how is he “Always try to focus on getting better.”


“When I was doing my first feature film, it was a film called Babylonia I remember taking the subway home one day, having a few drinks and getting a little drunk. Someone nudged me on the train and said, “I gotta tell you what’s wrong with the second scene in your story,” and I said, “Okay, okay.” Stuff is a weird thing… Look, I have a lot of self-hatred, so I have a lot of criticism of my work. I’ve been trying to focus on getting better. But I’m also proud of what I do. In all of my films, there are parts that I am very proud of. “

At the time of writing, Sony Pictures’ latest film has a 16% critics approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average rating of 3.8/10.The numbers on the audience side of the equation are significantly higher, where Mobius Remaining strong at 70% and 3.80 out of 5 – though, differences between the two parties are common, with viewers generally scoring higher compared to critics.

Admit that Mobius was a mistake

Although the audience recognizes Mobius Probably 70%, which usually doesn’t mean viewers like it more than critics.After all, the film received the second-lowest movie rating in Marvel movie history — slightly above Fan4stic.

It’s fairly rare for the talent behind a project to speak openly about any aspect of it, so Espinosa’s response was taken for granted. Still, given his workaround, he clearly has some issues with the final product — details that viewers may never know.


Listening to negative feedback is critical as a form of creativity. If they hope to hone their craft and become better artists, they have to be open about it – even if they disagree with every comment.

For those who want to form their own opinion on the film, Mobius It is now showing in theaters around the world.

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