Marvel News – Marvel Studios Reportedly Casts First Non-Binary MCU Character

Marvel Studios continues to expand its story and character lineup in Phase 4 of the MCU, with some of that expansion coming from diverse representations.In 2021 alone, Marvel brings its first Asian-leading film, Simu Liu’s “Shang Chi,” its first major gender in Tom Hiddleston’s “Rocky” Liquid character, its first openly gay character Eternals‘ Phastos and its first deaf actress with Alaqua Cox’s Echo Hawkeye.

With future projects in Phase 4 and beyond, especially the movies and TV shows currently in production, the franchise is far from done. That includes two highly anticipated sequels, with multi-billion-dollar box office hits from Phase 3. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Miracle.


Later in Phase 4, fans will see Dominic Thorne’s core It was also the first time a new heroine would join Iron Man’s legacy more than a decade ago. As it turns out, introducing a young African-American heroine will be far from a new addition to the MCU’s Disney+ roster.

Marvel adds non-binary characters to Disney+


Scooper Daniel Richtman shares information about Marvel Studios’ new cast core On Disney+ through his Patreon account. According to Richtman, Marvel Studios is working on the MCU’s first major non-binary characters to play in all six characters. hardcore episodes, although the exact characters are unknown.

Non-binary is an umbrella term used to describe those who believe that their gender cannot be defined within the confines of a gender binary (male and female).


This Marvel casting is for non-binary, genderqueer or gender fluid actors of any race in their 20s or early 30s.The character is described as “Very smart and savvy” and “ready.”

A new representation from Marvel Studios

Although it took longer than many fans had hoped, core will be a major step forward in bringing a new representation to the MCU.

It’s unclear what characters will be brought to the small screen core, or what role they’ll play alongside Dominique Thorne’s Riri Williams. Regardless of the details, however, they appear to be important characters in all six episodes as the MCU adds its newest young hero to the mix.


It’s also another great addition to the show through the Disney+ show, which has been showing up in droves since the MCU started the project more than a year ago.

From Loki being quintessentially bisexual in his solo series to lady marvel Marvel Studios’ TV show, which brought the MCU’s first Muslim heroine, is taking a major step forward to portray a world (minus superheroes) that mirrors real life in 2022.Although a greater amount of information coreThe non-binary character of ‘s probably won’t be around for a while, and fans will be looking forward to seeing how this newcomer fits into the growing story.

core Filming will reportedly begin in April, and it’s rumored to begin streaming on Disney+ sometime in 2023.


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