Marvel News – Luke Cage host upset over Disney+ cancellation of cast tribute

Over the past few weeks, Marvel fans have flocked to Disney+ to relive the six shows previously hosted on Netflix that co-produced The Defenders. From Charlie Cox’s Daredevil to Mike Colter’s Luke Cage, these shows are getting renewed attention after their streaming moves. However, not all media surrounding the transition has been positive.

When the series jumped from Netflix to Disney+, there were some interesting changes, though without removing any brutal violence. The Netflix logo was removed from the opening sequences of all six shows, and new visuals brought hilarity, but a big removal got some fans excited.


Tribute to late Stan Lee removed from season 2 finale Punisherlike a similar tribute to Reg E. Cathey in the previous episode Luke Cage Season 2. Now, the move has raised questions from the showrunners who helped bring Luke Cage back to life.

Disney+ Transformative Luke Cage Showrunner

Reg E.Cathey Luke Cage
Reg E.Cathes has been removed Luke Cage tribute

Luke Cage Showrunner and Executive Producer Cheo Hodari Coker Twitter Shares his tribute to the late Reg E. Cathey was removed from the Season 2 finale.

coke’s name is cathy “Part of the Heart” His season in the series. Although Cathey passed away after work, Coker admitted that was far from the only reason the team dedicated that season to him:


“I mean, why do this? Reg E Cathey is part of the heart and soul of Season 2. We’re not obligated to dedicate this season to him just because he’s dead – we’re obligated because we love him, He was an inspiring force.”

Reg E. Cathey played the role of Luke Cage’s father, James Lucas, in seven episodes of season 2, even though he died a few months before the 2018 Netflix season. Kirk’s comments show what he’s set to be, bafflingly, why his tribute was removed when the show started airing on Disney+.

Disappointment at the removal of Luke Cage tribute from Disney+

When this streaming move goes live, it seems inevitable that previous Netflix shows will go through some changes before joining their MCU counterparts on Disney+.Even with that expectation, this thing is shocking, especially for those who helped make Luke Cage In the past few years.

Fans hope the change is only temporary and the shows find a foothold in their new home, especially since Cathy has become a fan favorite during his tenure Luke CageThis whole endeavor is uncharted territory for Disney, as it puts the Netflix story on Disney+ and possibly into the MCU, and it would certainly be disappointing if this tribute was permanently removed.


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