Marvel News – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 just broke Jim Carrey’s Grinch world record

The debate over utility and visual effects has been going on for years.Many believe that the industry is currently overly reliant on VFX, leading to confusion in the final product, such as Black Pantherthe last scene. They were also concerned that the practical effects would be threatened, given how easy it is to use only computer-generated images.Thankfully, at least two franchises have helped keep that practice going: Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Very popular for Star Wars TonThe Mandalorian It is important to use practical effects as much as possible. Almost all the different alien species come to life with intricate makeup applications, rigs and puppets. This approach is obviously important for the creatives who bring the world of the series to life – and the show certainly doesn’t shy away from using VFX creatively when needed.


As for guardian, many may not immediately equate them with practical effects. after all, roll. 2 There are tons of VFX shots, so on the surface, the CGI approach seems like an option. However, the project also showcases dozens of aliens doing various practical improvements, as well as impressive makeup work to make everything more realistic.

Well, it now appears that fans hoping for more practical results are more excited about James Gunn’s third outing with everyone’s favorite anachronistic band.

Guardians of the Galaxy break records

Grinch WhoVille

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Director James Gunn accepts Twitter Announcing a new milestone for his upcoming sequel.


According to the director, the film “Officially passed the world record for ‘single product to create the most cosmetic appliances'” Beyond Jim Carrey’s 2000 Holiday Classic How the Grinch stole Christmas:

“Heard from the makeup folks at Legacy Effects that yesterday #GotGVol3 officially passed the world record for “most makeup kits for a single product” (passing The Grinch). Congrats, folks! Thanks for keeping up the practical effects.”

How the Grinch stole Christmas Actually won the Best Makeup Award at the 2001 Academy Awards. Jim Carrey used 92 days of Grinch makeup during production, a look that originally took 8.5 hours to apply — thankfully, the process was improved to 2.5 hours at the end of production. Not to mention the various citizens of Whoville, who use some kind of prosthetic throughout the movie.

and Guardian 3 With the new makeup record, fans can expect to see plenty of prosthetic assist characters throughout the film.


Grinch beaten by guardian 3

When it comes to VFX versus actual effects, the best solution is a healthy mix of the two.These two pathways work best when they complement each other, Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy is proof.

but why roll. 3 Are there so many? Well, the answer to that question may lie in who the rumored main villain is: the Advanced Evolver. In the comics, Cosmic Creature is known for his gene splicing experiments, often creating hybrid creatures; Rocket himself et al.

So these many apps easily belong to those citizens of the Halfworld Planet of the High Evolutionary. As for who will revive the opponent, peacemakerIt is said that Chukudi Yiwuji is the lucky actor. His performance will be impressive when it hits theaters worldwide on May 5, 2023.


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