Marvel News – Doctor Strange 2: Bruce Campbell’s April Fool’s Prank for Marvel Fans (Pictures)

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness There are rumors of a plethora of cameos from Marvel stars past and present, mainly because the film uses the concept of alternate reality. The sequel’s second trailer has been confirmed to include Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier in the mix, along with teasers of the Captain Marvel variant and the appearance of another armored Avenger.

Considering the actor’s crazy multiverse Director Sam Raimi.Campbell has a different cameo in each of Remy’s roles spiderman Trilogy: Ring Announcer 2002 spidermanushered in the 2004 spiderman 2and the French MaĆ®tre d’in spiderman 3.


Back in 2020, Campbell shared his thoughts on Doctor Strange 2 Amid the pandemic-related delays, it appeared to indicate he had behind-the-scenes knowledge of the film at the time.

Campbell continued to grab the attention of Marvel fans by posting cryptic teasers on social media.Ultimately, the veteran actor confirmed that he was crazy multiversebut he admitted he wasn’t sure if those would remain in the final cut.

Now, as the movie’s release draws nearer, Campbell has wooed fans with a new post.


Bruce Campbell Trolls Marvel Fans

To celebrate April Fools, Bruce Campbell shared A new post on Twitter teases fans about his Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

This evil Dead The actor posted a photo of himself in the dressing room showing a photo-manipulated version of himself similar to Benedict Cumberbatch’s MCU hero, while sharing a hilarious caption:

“I always feel a little weird when I’m shooting a Sam Raimi movie. #multiverse”

Bruce Campbell

This isn’t the first time Campbell has attracted fans during April Fools’ Day. In 2021, the actor shared from Doctor Strange sequel.


Will Bruce Campbell appear in Doctor Strange 2?

Bruce Campbell’s latest tease is obviously a joke, but it’s in line with confirmation crazy multiverse Will contain at least three variants of Doctor Strange. It’s unclear if Campbell will end up being the fourth version of the future Wizarding Supreme.

Given that Campbell has confirmed he’s filming scenes for the MCU movies, the development has led to often fan-driven speculation about his unknown character.Although Campbell is unlikely to end up portraying his evil Dead character, and it’s likely that he’ll only have a small role in the sequel.

From a random passerby to a wizard in Kamar-Taj, the possibilities are endless in Campbell’s MCU debut.Past rumours suggest that Tobey Maguire’s net thrower could be on the way crazy multiversethus providing an opportunity for the character of Campbell in the original Sam Raimi spiderman The trilogy appears somewhere in the movie.


Whether he’s in the movie or not, Campbell continues to promote crazy multiverse On social media and interviews is an extra boost to the marketing of the sequel.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness It opens in theaters on May 6.

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