Marvel News – Disney+ reveals expansion to 48 new countries

Disney+ highlights a vast library of content from Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, National Geographic and Disney. Over the years, The House of Mouse’s streaming service has experienced staggering growth in subscriber numbers, largely due to the constant rollout of new content every month.Streaming is home to high-profile MCU projects such as Wanda Vision and Rocky And the perennial live-action series of Star Wars, The Mandalorian.

After a successful launch in the U.S., Disney+ has gradually rolled out in multiple countries. During Disney’s 2020 Investor Day, the company announced that some regions in Eastern Europe and Asia would gain access to the streaming service.


In August 2021, Disney also announced that Disney+ would launch in Africa and the Middle East in mid-2022. Now, the full list of countries covered in the previous announcement has been released.

Disney+ is coming to more regions

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Disney announced the global expansion of Disney+ this summer through Digital Trends, officially revealing 48 new countries on the list.

Disney+ will launch first in South Africa on May 18, followed by more regions in Europe and the Middle East starting June 8.


According to the list, prices are expected to vary slightly by location, but Digital Trends notes that they are mostly comparable to previous costs in other countries.

The full list of countries included with the corresponding price is as follows:

May 18


  • South Africa: 119 ZAR per month, 1,190 per year

June 8

  • Algeria: 399.99 DZD per month, 3,998.99 per year
  • Bahrain: 8.99 USC per month, 88.99 per year
  • Egypt: 49.99 EGP per month, 498.99 per year
  • Iraq: 4,999.99 Iraqi Dinars per month, 49,998.99 per year
  • Jordan: 2.99 JOD per month, 28.99 per year
  • Kuwait: $8.99 per month, $88.99 per year
  • Lebanon: $4.49 per month, $43.99 per year
  • Libya: $2.99 ​​per month, $28.99 per year
  • Morocco: 32.99 MAD per month, 328.99 per year
  • Oman: $8.99 per month, $88.99 per year
  • Palestinian Territories: $6.99 per month, $68.99 per year
  • Qatar: 29.99 per month, 298.99 per year
  • Saudi Arabia: SAR 29.99 per month, 298.99 per year
  • Tunisia: 3.49 TND per month, 33.49 per year
  • United Arab Emirates: 29.99 AED per month, 298.99 per year
  • Yemen: 2.99 USC per month, 28.99 per year

June 14

  • Albania: EUR 7.99 per month, EUR 79.90 per year
  • Åland Islands: EUR 8.99 per month, EUR 89.90 per year
  • Andorra, €8.99 per month, €89.90 per year
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: €7.99 per month, €79.90 per year
  • British Indian Ocean Territory, Gibraltar, Pitcairn Islands, St Helena: £7.99, £79.90 per year
  • Bulgaria: €7.99 per month, €79.90 per year
  • Croatia: €7.99 per month, €79.90 per year
  • Czech Republic: CZK 199 per month, 1,990 per year
  • Estonia, €7.99 per month, €79.90 per year
  • Faroe Islands: DKK 79 per month, DKK 790 per year
  • French Polynesia, French Southern Territories, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon Overseas Collective: EUR 8.99 per month, EUR 89.90 per year
  • Greece: EUR 8.99 per month, EUR 89.90 per year
  • Hungary: HUF 2,490 per month, HUF 24,900 per year
  • Kosovo: €7.99 per month, €79.90 per year
  • Latvia: EUR 7.99 per month, EUR 79.90 per year
  • Liechtenstein: CHF 12.90 per month, CHF 129 per year
  • Lithuania: EUR 7.99 per month, EUR 79.90 per year
  • Malta: EUR 8.99 per month, EUR 89.90 per year
  • Montenegro: €7.99 per month, €79.90 per year
  • North Macedonia: €7.99 per month, €79.90 per year
  • Poland: 28.99 PLN per month, 289.90 per year
  • Romania 29.99 RON a month, 299.90 a year
  • San Marino: €8.99 per month, €89.90 per year
  • Serbia: €7.99 per month, €79.90 per year
  • Sint Maarten: €8.99 per month, €89.90 per year
  • Slovakia: €7.99 per month, €79.90 per year
  • Slovenia: €7.99 per month, €79.90 per year
  • Svalbard and Jan Mayen: NOK 89 per month, NOK 890 per year
  • Turkey: 34.99 TRY per month, 349.90 per year
  • Vatican: EUR 8.99 per month, EUR 89.90 per year

June 16


  • Israel: 39.90 ILS per month, 399 per year

Disney+ slowly taking over the world

Disney+ is about to launch in most of Africa and the Middle East, which should be good news for Marvel fans around the world. Despite Disney’s earlier promise that the streaming service would be available globally by the end of 2021, the announcement is still a step in the right direction as it slowly takes over more regions around the world.

Since its official launch, Disney+ has showcased a host of new features and innovations that make life easier for subscribers, such as the GroupWatch feature and new parental controls for defender show. It’s unclear if these will launch in the aforementioned countries, but they’re widely expected to be part of it to attract more subscribers.

Meanwhile, notable omissions from the list are Asian countries such as China and the Philippines. There may be several factors behind why Disney has not made progress in launching its streaming service in the aforementioned regions. Disney may still be negotiating some distribution rights to create a smooth transition for those countries.


Still, despite these omissions, launching Disney+ in 48 countries is a win-win for Mouse House.

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