Marvel News – Disney+ just changed Moon Knight’s TV ratings to be more mature

This March, the adult MCU got its biggest boost to the Netflix series — including Daredevil, PunisherWait – skip to Disney+.Disney+ will premiere as month ends moon knight Starring Oscar Isaac, despite being described as PG-13, it looks more mature than anything Marvel Studios has released so far.

moon knight It has long been described as the MCU’s most mature, violent, and darkest outing to date. Diving head-first into themes of mental illness and ancient mythology, with plenty of terrifying monsters along the way, the series seems to ditch all classic MCU stereotypes in favor of a dark and gritty adaptation of Fist of Vengeance.


There are many differences in Disney+ in different regions, for example, content in some parts of the world is very different from others. But one aspect that sets the UK apart from most other regions is its unique rating system, including 0+, 6+, 9+, 12+, 14+, 16+ and 18+.

While the “Defenders Saga” series was marked 18 on Netflix, when it moved to Disney+, most dropped to 16+, except Daredevil It has 18+ moon knight Coming soon, the Disney-owned service likewise raised the series’ ratings, making it Marvel Studios’ most adult adventure yet.

Moon Knight updates to more mature age grades

Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac

be ahead of moon knight At the series premiere, Disney+ UK updated the Oscar Isaac-starring Marvel series rating to a more mature 16+ age rating. moon knight It was previously listed in the UK with a 12+ rating in early March.


The update brings the series’ UK maturity rating to the same Punisher, Jessica Jonesand other ex-Marvel Netflix shows – not included Daredevil, Still 18+.

moon knight Currently still listed with a TV-14 rating in the US

Is Moon Knight the MCU’s first adult outing?

All signs point to moon knight As the most grown-up entry in the MCU, that’s right given the character’s dark and twisted nature. Still, the writers insist that the series is still friendly to younger audiences, but given the evidence of some of the more mature themes, parents may want to enjoy the series with their kids.


Given that the UK has a 16+ rating, while the US maintains TV-14 ratings, moon knight Probably best for those in their teens and older. It’s not uncommon for people in the UK to have a slightly higher age bracket than the US, Batman Keep the PG-13 classification, but jump to level 15 throughout the pond.

Disney has shown great interest in more mature content in recent months. This month alone, The Defenders Saga jumped to Disney+, moon knight Raised the age rating, and deadpool 3 saw the most promising development to date.

Older viewers should be pleased to see that Marvel Studios is starting to show a higher interest in more adult content, after all the comic book world is full of shameful adult content.


how far moon knight The boundaries of its new rating will be revealed when the series premieres exclusively on Disney+ on March 30, 2022.

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