Marvel News – Disney+ gets new maturity ratings for The Punisher and more Marvel shows

Marvel fans around the world can be happy to know that all of their favorite superhero projects are now in one place, as Disney+ recently added 6 Marvel series that were previously on Netflix, plus Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. This means that the streaming service is not only home to Marvel Studios original content, such as moon knight and lady marvel but also Defenders and its derivatives, enabling them to be rewatched by fans and experienced by new audiences.

The move, which was well received by fans and series stars alike, could also be a harbinger of what the future of Disney+ might look like in terms of its range of content. Not everyone was happy with Disney’s decision, though, as a parent group expressed concerns about the series joining streaming.


Now, Marvel shows will be deemed suitable for a wider audience because Disney+ has changed the way they are rated.

Disney+ drops ratings for Netflix shows


In the UK, Disney+ officially changes age ratings Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Defender, and Punisher to “16+”.

On Netflix, these shows were initially rated ’18’ according to the British Board of Film Classification, which rates UK films and various video productions, including TV series.


Daredevil 18+ Netflix

The decision to use the new “16+” rating for the show is odd, considering the UK equivalent is actually a “15” rating. Other territories that now have access to Marvel shows use their regional equivalents, but the UK has not opted to use the BBFC’s age rating scale.

Instead, a brand new age rating system has been implemented, which can be found under the streaming service’s parental controls:

Disney+ Age Rating

Likewise, movies such as Logan and dead Pool Both have a “16+” rating, even though their BBFC rating is a “15”.


Why do Punishers have lower age ratings?

The decision to downgrade Netflix shows is indeed odd, especially in line with Disney+’s new UK rating system. Disney may wish to avoid the stigma associated with an “18+” rating for any project produced under the Marvel banner, Marvel Studios, or otherwise.

However, looking at other content on Disney+ may shed light on why the system was created and why the Netflix series was tuned.

Other “18+” items on streaming services like Pam and Tommy and final duel There are obvious sex scenes compared to projects like this French dispatch It features nudity but no on-screen sex. Since Netflix series only contain extreme violence and sex scenes without explicit nudity, they may be adjusted accordingly with a “16+” rating.


It’s still odd that Disney+ chose to make its own rating system, as the BBFC’s classification could do the same. Perhaps Disney+ will look to expand this age-rating system overseas to better curate its content lineup.

Still, this technically means that a larger audience is thought to be able to see Punisher kick ass and Daredevil say something rude — even though they’d probably do it anyway.

Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Defender, and Punisher Now streaming on Disney+.


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