Marvel News – Christian Bale reportedly reshoots Thor 4 villain scene

As the madness of the multiverse arrives Doctor Strange 2Marvel is bringing back its most popular Asgardians Thor: Love and ThunderThe otherworldly royal will team up with Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster and the Guardians of the Galaxy against Christian Bale’s slaughter god Gore. The fourth Thor film is now largely complete, and fans are eagerly awaiting the start of its promotional journey.

Currently, the film is the second shortest in MCU history, with just over three months to go from its first trailer to its final release date. Behind-the-scenes photos and leaked promotional images bring in an exciting new development for God of Thunder, though nothing official from Marvel or Disney has been announced yet.


Plot details are still as scarce as imagery and footage from the film, though Bell’s slaying god Gore has made an impact as a potentially horrific addition to the MCU.As it turns out, recent news revolves around Thor 4 Implying that Marvel is still trying to make this rival the best it can be, as the release date gets closer.

Christian Bale reshoots for Thor 4

Christian Bale, Thor: Love and Thunder

Ankler’s Jeff Sneider reveals Christian Bale is currently working on a reshoot with Marvel Studios Thor: Love and Thunder.

Snyder suggested that Marvel didn’t release a trailer for the film because of these remakes, most recently in Manhattan Beach, California.


New Gore lenses for Thor 4?

The topic of Marvel remakes has been quite popular in the MCU space lately, especially in 6 weeks Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Thor: Love and Thunder There has been its own round of reshoots since filming ended last year, though this is the first news specifically about Bale’s Gore. However, reshoots are an important part of the Marvel Studios filmmaking process to ensure the final cut tells the best possible story, “bless” according to Eternals Director Zhao Keluo.

Earlier set photos gave fans a glimpse of Bale’s costume as the new parasitic villain, though there’s no indication of what he’ll be doing in this galactic sequel. Fans will likely see some of what’s going on in these remakes in the upcoming first trailer, though no confirmed plot details have been made, and the trailer material is still up in the air.

With Bell bringing the MCU’s first symbiote-based antagonist into the story, there’s growing anticipation to see how powerful Gore will be as he rampages across the galaxy. Fans may not discover what these remakes add to the journey until much later, but no matter what they capture in the film, Marvel is still working hard to ensure that the villains are an important part of the story.


Thor: Love and Thunder It will be released on July 8, 2022.

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