Marvel News – Andrew Garfield playfully dodging The Amazing Spider-Man 3’s questions

Andrew Garfield is currently enjoying one of the peaks of his career, thanks in large part to his long-awaited return to The Amazing Spider-Man.Oscar nominee teaming up with Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire at Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Spider-Man: Nowhere to GoPremiering in 2021, it has become a film event for a generation.

Followed by no way homeWith the arrival, fans have begun to predict that the web-slinger’s story will continue in all three versions of the hero.While Tom Holland has been confirmed to star in at least three more MCU appearances as Peter Parker, fans are campaigning to cast Maguire spiderman 4 Let Garfield continue his story The Amazing Spider-Man 3.


Garfield finally gets a chance to talk about his making no way home After the premiere, though, it’s unknown if he’ll get a chance to play Spider-Man for a fourth time. He recently touched on the topic again ahead of his 2022 Oscar nominations, though he remains as secretive as he is throughout 2021.

Garfield Dodging The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Update

The Amazing Spider-Man 3

in an interview hollywood reporter Ahead of the 2022 Oscars, Andrew Garfield talks about The Amazing Spider-Man 3 into the development phase.

When asked if there were any updates, Garfield admitted there was nothing to share. However, he also admitted that no one would believe anything he said on the subject:


“I didn’t update! No one will believe anything I say anymore, that’s my problem.”

Garfield forced to lie multiple times Spider-Man: Nowhere to Go before it was released. The actor has steadfastly denied his involvement in the film for the better part of six months in an attempt to keep his role in the film a secret.

Garfield’s blunt reaction can be seen below:


Will The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Happen?

Fan activity for movies is nothing new, recently seen in DC corners of the world Zack Snyder’s Justice League Coming soon. Now, Marvel has its own round of similar events, especially the popularity of Garfield’s comeback as the wildly popular “Peter 3.”

Currently, Sony is delving into its catalog of Spider-Man supporting characters, such as venom and Mobius, And Marvel Studios is working out details for Tom Holland’s next round of films. However, with Garfield’s portrayal of Spider-Man back in the spotlight, fans are demanding to see him lead the way in Sony’s new adventure.

Garfield already has enough support for a potential third Amazing Spiderman movies, most notably his no way home Co-star Tom Hollander came shortly after their movie was released. While it may be a while before the film is confirmed or shelved, fans are anxiously waiting to see if Garfield can be the internet pitcher for a new wave of solo films.


Spider-Man: Nowhere to Go Digital now available for purchase, Blu-ray release April 12

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