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The famous webtoon-based (Tomorrow’s Best) time slip K-drama Lovely Runner is nearing its end. Episode 15 of the series aired on tvN and Viki on Monday, May 27, 2024. The episode takes fans down memory lane as Ryu Sun-Jae (Byeon Woo-Seok) remembers everything that has happened between him and Im Sol (Kim Hye-Yoon) in every timeline. From their first meeting to Sol’s accident to his tragic deaths, he recollects everything.

However, the highlight of Lovely Runner episode 15 was how it ended. The final moments of the episodes show Sun-Jae is about to get hit by the criminal taxi driver on the loose, Kim Young-Soo. However, Kim Tae-Sung (Song Geon-Hee), now a police detective, arrives at the right moment and saves Sun-Jae by crashing his police car into Young-Soo’s taxi.

Lovely Runner episode 15 recap: Song Geon-Hee saves Byeon Woo-Seok

Episode 15 of Lovely Runner begins with Sol and Sun-Jae struggling to get out of an amusement park ride. As help arrives, Sun-Jae decides to carry Sol out of it after she faints due to a high fever. Sun-Jae then takes her to his house, where he cares for her. When Sol wakes up, she immediately wants to leave Sun-Jae’s place. However, Sun-Jae tricks her into spending a little more time so that he can convince her to stay on the movie project and work with him.

While leaving the building, Sol and Sun-Jae encounter Tae-Sung, who is investigating the abduction case involving Young-Soo. Later that night, Sun-Jae discovers Sol has left without taking the medicines. Thus, he uses this as an excuse to visit Sol. Sun-Jae follows Sol to a park after seeing her go there with her brother’s child.

While spying on her, Sun-Jae finds himself in an awkward yet adorable situation when Sol catches him. He then attempts to help her make the child fall asleep. However, he ends up ruining his clothes and, thus, has to come to Sol’s home to change. Following this, the episode gives viewers a much-awaited moment between Sol and Sun-Jae, during which they come closer to each other.  

The next day, in Lovely Runner episode 15, Kim Tae-Sung meets Ryu Sun-Jae to ask for a favor. He wants to see the recording in his car’s camera from the previous day as it has caught the license number of Kim Young-Soo’s taxi. He soon gets the number and acquires the arrest warrant. Soon, Tae-Sung and his partner chase the criminal, trying to escape.

Towards the end of the episode, the audience sees Ryu Sun-Jae starting to remember everything that has happened to him and Sol in all the different timelines and lives right after he finishes demoing the Lovely Runner OST “Sudden Shower.” As all the lost memories start rushing back to him, he feels intense pain in his head and chest. He becomes pretty flustered and runs to see Sol.

At the end of episode 15 of Lovely Runner, Ryu Sun-Jae comes right in front of Kim Young-Soo’s car while crossing the road. Meanwhile, Kim Tae-Sung is chasing after him in his police car. When the ruthless criminal is about to hit Sun-Jae with his vehicle, Tae-Sung comes in between them and crashes into Kim Young-Soo’s car. Thus, he saves Sun-Jae. The episode ends with Sun-Jae lying on the road, thinking about how much he and Sol have loved each other.

Viewers can watch Lovely Runner episode 15 on Viki.

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