DCU News – Wonder Woman 3: Chris Pine Addresses Potential DC Return

Gal Gadot’s wonder woman The franchise remains one of the highlights of the DC Extended Universe, even considering a mixed 2020 Wonder Woman 1984. Working with director Patti Jenkins and co-star Chris Pine on two films, the team at Gadot and Warner Bros. is now looking to the future Wonder Woman 3 It’s ready to be developed.

There are many other entries before it, such as black adam and Shazam! : Wrath of the Gods, Wonder Woman 3 It may remain a mystery for the foreseeable future. Gadot hinted that the team is aiming to start filming on the film in summer 2023, allowing more than a year for the story and cast to fully blossom.


Fans are curious about the time period Wonder Woman 3 The story that will be used for it, who will join Gadot’s cast aside from original Wonder Woman star Linda Carter. Unfortunately, according to the actor himself, the ensemble may not include one of the franchise’s biggest names.

Chris Pine returns in Wonder Woman 3

Chris Pine, Wonder Woman

DCEU star Chris Pine with usa today On Warner Bros.’ possible return to the role of Steve Trevor Wonder Woman 3.

Pine recently wonder woman Director Patty Jenkins in the 2019 miniseries i am the night, where he can learn more about how Jenkins works on her craft.The actor sees how confident Jenkins is “Making her opinion known and collaborative” Although he didn’t elaborate on how to best succeed behind the scenes:


“What I’ve learned from Patty is that she’s very confident in getting her voice heard and is collaborative when it comes to getting what she wants to do. You’re working with a group of people who are good at their craft, so You have to give them space to do what they can.”

When asked about potential returns for Steve Trevor Wonder Woman 3, Pine admits he doesn’t think he’ll be back for a third movie. He’s fairly certain Steve is gone for good, but his best wishes to everyone involved in the trilogy:

“I think poor Steve is dead, but I wish them all the best in Game 3.”

Chris Pine as Steve Trevor

Although Chris Pine played a key supporting role in the 2017 film wonder woman The love of Diana Prince, Steve Trevor suffered a terrible ending in the final battle of his first solo film.his return Wonder Woman 1984 It became a hot topic of discussion among fans because Diana’s consciousness resided in the body of a random man before Diana gave up her wish and left him.

Having been “resurrected” from the dead once, Warner Bros. appears to be playing with fire, bringing him back to life a second time, regardless of his emotional connection to Diana. Pine believes the same trend could become a problem if he returns for a third film, accepting that his DC character is undeniably dead.


On the occasion of his death, Gadot shares her thoughts on Wonder Woman 3 Using today’s context, it’s been over 100 years since the first film’s World War I setting. If that happens, Pine will almost certainly not return to his role for a third time, but he has no ill will towards his friends and colleagues because he wants them to be successful in the future.

Wonder Woman 3 In the early stages of development of Warner Bros. wonder woman and Wonder Woman 1984 Available on HBO Max.

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