DCU News – Why Shazam’s director is now against directing a Superman movie

Superman’s place in the movie is currently in limbo, or, at the very least, Henry Cavill’s Superman is taking an extended break.But there are currently two superman A project currently in development by Warner Bros. One is a limited series on HBO Max produced by Michael B. Jordan and the other is a film produced by JJ Abrams and written by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

However, before any of these projects began, director James Gunn push Warner Bros. to adjust characters before filming Suicide Squad instead.Gunn recently reiterated to fans that he’s not interested in any more prominent superheroes, but prefers “A less popular character.”


Now, Shazam! Director David Sandberg was asked if he wanted to shoot Superman, and he gave a similar answer to his DC director.

Superman didn’t expect much from Shazam director

When there is a sudden power outage at home Shazam!Wrath of the Gods Director David F. Sandberg, who believes now is the perfect time for fans to ask him all kinds of questions on Instagram, answers them in a series of Instagram Stories.

A fan asked Sandberg, “If you could choose any other DC hero to guide, which one?” The director responded, “Once I’d say Superman,” But he lost interest because “Many different expectations and die-hard fans” This will appear with the character:


“At one point I would say Superman, but when there are so many different expectations and die-hard fans, no matter what you do, you’re going to annoy so many people.”

See how fans react, Sandberg points out Star Wars: The Last Jedi let him “Want to stay away from things like this” When it comes to such a huge property.This is why the director believes in Shazam “very perfect” Since the character doesn’t have any lofty expectations of him:

“Seeing people’s reactions to things like The Last Jedi makes me want to stay away from things like this. Shazam is perfect because there haven’t been so many adaptations before. There are still people who think it’s done wrong, but it’s manageable level.”

Superman Shazam Asks Instagram Stories
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against superman cereal

Given how Zack Snyder’s most ardent fans reacted to Matt Reeves, director David Sandberg might be wise to avoid high-profile productions like Superman Batman Actor Robert Pattinson replaced Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader.Dealing with the inevitable online rhetoric surrounding the movie will be a headache as it draws endless comparisons to Snyder man of Steel.

Focusing on less popular characters like Shazam gives Sandberg unlimited freedom in character without angering hornet’s nest fans online. Sadly, though, this potential reaction from these fans makes Sandberg stop wanting to take a crack at Superman. It will be interesting to see the director’s interpretation of Superman.


But fans will have to wait and see Sandberg’s next superhero attempt Shazam!Wrath of the Gods Released on December 16.

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