DCU News – WATCH: HBO Max celebrates 12 DC superhero movies and shows in new trailer

Over the past few years, HBO Max has become the latest addition to an expanding player base for streaming games. What helps differentiate it from other major brands like Disney+ and Hulu is the company’s status as the home of all content related to DC Comics. Featuring every movie in the DCEU and a variety of shows from the DC realm, superheroes reign supreme on HBO Max.

During the pandemic, Warner Bros. used HBO Max to plan a theatrical release of their new movies on the streaming service the same day they released on the big screen.this year’s movie Batman and black adam Their home has been set up on HBO Max for a few months after they wrapped up the theatrical run.


HBO Max also insists on sharing promotional videos with fans to promote everything the service has, which often includes the use of big names from the DC universe. Another of these promos has just arrived, bringing a dozen animated and live-action superhero properties from the DC-verse into the spotlight.

HBO Max spotlights DC heroes

HBO Max A 57-second video was released celebrating 12 different DC properties that the service hosts or will host for the foreseeable future.This comes with the news “Every hero needs a place to call home” In a few shots, complete “DC’s home of streaming.”


Leading the way is Robert Pattinson’s Batman, Warner Bros.’ latest theatrical release, premieres March 4.The film will be released on Blu-ray in June, but expected It will be available on HBO Max later this month.


It was followed by three other major DCEU films, including 2013’s man of Steel2020s Wonder Woman 1984and in 2019 Shazam!. Shortly after Rosario Dawson Demilitarized ZoneMargot Robbie Harley Quinn: Birds of Preyand John Cena’s peacemaker.

TV drama quintet ends video Doom Patrolanimation Harley Quinn, Pennyworth, young justiceand titan.

The full video from HBO Max is below:


DC Heroes and Villains on HBO Max

While they exist in multiple universes, Warner Bros.’ DC story cache grows every year.Add from the general to the DCEU to everything from the animation realm, e.g. Harley Quinn and young justicethe studio has no shortage of DC superhero content.

This trailer doesn’t necessarily promote everything HBO Max has to offer in the DC realm, but it includes some key characters from multiple independent storylines.This includes four films and one TV show from the Canon DCEU, two animated series, Epix’s PennyworthDC Universe titanand even Matt Reeves debuting Bruce Wayne on the big screen.


This clip probably isn’t meant to tease anything specific about these projects or anything new to HBO Max in the coming weeks, but rather to give fans a sense of what the streaming service likes.

All of the aforementioned titles are now available on HBO Max. Batman It is expected to go live on April 19.

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