DCU News – Warner Bros. Showcasing 5 Upcoming DC Superhero Movies at CinemaCon

After Warner Bros. merged with Discovery, the company looks forward to having DC assets spanning various stories in the next few years.Right now, fans are flocking to HBO Max to relive Matt Reeves Batmanwhile highly anticipated new films will be released on the big and small screens in the coming months.

Last month, the company announced a major shakeup for the new live-action film in the DC Extended Universe, meaning fans will have to wait until October to see more of these stories.although Shazam! : Wrath of the Gods Will debut sooner than originally expected, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was delayed by several months, and flash Another setback.


Even with these difficulties, Warner Bros. remains optimistic about its future prospects. The company’s superhero franchise is expected to make its mark on the industry in the near future. This future will be highlighted at an upcoming fan convention, with a new report indicating which specific projects will be the focus of leading studios.

5 DC movies coming to CinemaCon 2022

Twitter user @D_hernandez912 Pictures of the Warner Bros. DC lineup were shared at CinemaCon 2022, which begins today in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The location includes images of five upcoming DC projects, starting with the animation direct current Super Pet League It will be released on July 29. black adam (10/21/22), Shazam! : Wrath of the Gods (12/16/22), Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (3/17/23), and flash (23 Jun 23).


DC CinemaCon

DC Superhero Movie Ready to Smash

With just over three months left until Warner Bros. is bringing DC back to the big screen, it’s time for another sale this weekend for the impressive upcoming project. While all five films are in various stages of post-production, they should all have a chance to bring something to fans, especially with so little promotional material at the moment.

Super Pet League After the promotional tour kicks off in November, a second full trailer will likely bring big names like Kevin Hart and John Krasinski into the DC universe. Additionally, the live-action story of the series could bring the first signs of footage or the first full trailer to promote their release this weekend.


The only movie with a trailer so far is black adam and flashAlthough flash It also faced more difficulties than any of its peers due to off-camera issues. Shazam! 2 Only the tiniest teaser gives fans an idea of ​​what Zachary Levi’s new outfit will look like, and Aquaman 2 Only stills and limited behind-the-scenes footage of Jason Momoa’s new suit was shown.

Right now, Warner Bros. is keeping its plans for CinemaCon 2022 under wraps, but fans will be watching the convention throughout the weekend to see what the panel will bring.

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