DCU News – Warner Bros. Reportedly Thinks Drake Plays DC’s Cyborg (PHOTO)

While the DC Extended Universe and Warner Bros.’ other DC properties have bright futures, there are still some standout characters on the sidelines for the foreseeable future.Near the top of this list is regular Justice League member Cyborg, who’s only been part of two DCEU movies Zack Snyder’s Justice League Heroes were shelved before Ray Fisher’s clash with WB.

Before going downhill with Cyborg, DC had big plans for the hero, both as part of Justice League and as a personal journey throughout the DCEU. Ray Fisher is working on his own Cyborg solo film, and he’s even been rumored to have a small role in Ezra Miller’s flash – Now, it’s unlikely that Warner Bros. will see those plans come to fruition anytime soon.


Even outside of Ray Fisher’s role, Cyborg has such a prominent place among DC’s biggest heroes that there always seems to be an idea to bring him into major Hollywood stories. Now, fans know about one of the never-before-seen Cyborg stories, and it’s accompanied by some unexpected actors in the role.

Is the Grammy-winning rapper almost DC’s cyborg?


Character and Creature Designer Jared Krichevsky Instagram Share the image of award-winning rapper Drake playing Cyborg. Krichevsky noted that it was a piece of concept art intended for a show that never materialized, citing Warner Bros. “Want to vote for Drake” During development:

“Cyborg concept for a series that didn’t happen. They want to cast Drake at some point”

Drake, Cyborg

Krichevski He has many blockbusters on his resume, including as a designer in 2013 Wolverine and in 2014 The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He also contributed to the 2017 wonder woman Working for the DC Extended Universe, he is currently working on a 2023 film with director James Gunn Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.


DC considers bold ideas with Drake

Few in the entertainment industry are as big as Drake, who has won four Grammys and nearly 50 Grammy nominations over the past 15 years.In addition to his music career, he has some notable acting credits on his resume, including classic TV shows from the early 2000s Degrassi and voice acting roles Ice Age: Continental Drift.

Putting Drake in a DC movie or series would surely give him the most important role of his acting career, though he’s played in enough high-profile projects to warrant his consideration for the role. It’s unclear how close he is to actually getting the role, or how close the show is to development, but even seeing him in concept art suggests this is a serious idea for a while.

Drake’s last acting role was in 2018 self, it’s hard to say if he’ll reconsider the idea of ​​playing Cyborg in any of Warner Bros.’s DC-related shows. On top of that, if Warner Bros. wants to bring Cyborg back in the near future, the future is even more mysterious, especially with the company’s merger with Discovery.


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