DCU News – Warner Bros. Reportedly Denies Claims About The Flash’s Ezra Miller Issues

And Warner Bros. flash Facing another round of delays and now not hitting theaters until June 23 next year, the film has another potentially big problem. The film’s lead actor, Ezra Miller, found herself in legal trouble after she was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and harassment at a karaoke bar in Hawaii.

This isn’t the first time Miller has come such trouble, was also accused of suffocating another woman in Iceland a few years ago.Now, the actor is gearing up for his fifth DCEU entry next year, including Zack Snyder’s Justice League and the season 1 finale peacemakerreports suggest his time in Washington could be in grave danger.


Recently, internal reports mentioned that Warner Bros. held an “emergency meeting” to discuss Miller’s future options at the DCEU, during which the studio reportedly reached an overall consensus that any upcoming projects with Miller, Including any DC appearances, it will stop until next year. However, a new update has revealed that this may no longer be the case for the studio behind the superhero series.

Warner Bros. denies Emory meeting over Miller issue

Ezra Miller

in a recent story IGNa Warner Bros. source dismissed reports that the studio had an emergency meeting about Ezra Miller and the circumstances surrounding it. flash. The source said the meeting never took place and dismissed the reports as exaggerated.

What does Ezra Miler’s DC future hold?

There’s no doubt that Ezra Miller has had a rough time in her personal life, and the upcoming movie should be one of the biggest of 2023.although flash Finishing filming nearly six months ago and more than a year away from their debut, Miller’s actions have put their place in the franchise in real jeopardy.


Even so, this latest news seems to indicate that Warner Bros. isn’t discussing any kind of Miller Flash removal or recast, at least not yet.Miller has appeared in two classic DCEU movies as well as in the director’s cut Justice League and peacemakerit looks like the role will be a major one in the future, especially since the other actors seem to have done their part.

While Miller may still need to find a sense of stability in their off-screen life, the actor still appears to be tied to the DCEU for the foreseeable future. Whether that will change in the future is a mystery, especially given the company’s new merger with Discovery, but hopefully in the coming weeks and months, all parties involved will be able to sort it out on their own.

flash Set to open in theaters on June 23, 2023, Miller will reprise his role as Barry Allen.


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