DCU News – Warner Bros. is reportedly developing a DCEU Crisis Incident movie

Warner Bros. is gearing up for a slew of new projects in the DC Extended Universe, many of which have significant crossover potential.This will start at the end of 2022 black adam and Shazam! : Wrath of the Gods Before the really crazy events in 2023 flash change everything. The multiverse will be explored, and multiple worlds will merge with each other.

The biggest crossover event in the DCEU to date was 2017’s Justice League, though it’s an event most fans would rather forget after it turned into a disaster. Now, Warner Bros. is hoping to bring something fans love and appreciate in Ezra Miller’s first solo film, which the studio hopes will set the franchise on the right path.


Having already confirmed that this separate outing will bring Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck as Batman alongside Sasha Kahler’s Supergirl, there is speculation that the film will also reboot the entire DCEU. On top of that, a new rumor hints that another major event could come to fruition as the film’s credits roll.

DC Leak Tips in Crisis Events

Warning: The remainder of this article contains potential spoilers flash Movie.

Crisis Infinite Earths cover

KC Walsh of Geeks WorldWide shares his Twitter It is implied that Warner Bros. is planning a Crisis on Infinite Earths event for the DC Extended Universe.


“So DC/WB’s plan is to create a Crisis on Infinite Earths event, if that’s not already obvious”

Walsh shared Ben Affleck still intends to end his time in the DCEU flashbut he may leave the door open to return to crisis-style events.

“Batfleck still knows a lot about the DCEU, but it would make sense to have him come back during a crisis event to keep the door open for him if he wanted to, but I’d go with the L”

Although the crisis is said to be not flashMovie set up A possible crisis event featured Affleck’s Batman scene at the end:

“[The Flash] set up [a Crisis on Infinite Earths-inspired event] at the end. This is the Batman scene people are citing and it sparked the crisis”

Walsh didn’t spoiled scene, but he did hint that it would involve the Caped Crusaders:


“I won’t spoil it, but it involves Batman”

spoon make it clear The days of Zack Snyder’s direct sequel are over, although he thinks Warner Bros will sell flash Let fans have the opposite idea:

“You’re never going to get a direct Snyder sequel, [Warner Bros.] Makes you feel like you are, so you all keep buying in, like you did with The Flash, and then they’ll bring everyone back to the crisis event and call it victory.”

Walsh made it clear that the event film is in early development and is working on “maybe” 3-5 years away from release.

Are major crossovers changing the DCEU landscape?


Comic book movies as a whole are about to take some big steps to change the universe that’s about to hit the big screen.Marvel Studios has Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnesswhile DC looks the same as in 2023 flashboth will break up their respective multiverses to move their stories forward.


The Crisis on Infinite Earths event is one that has come to fruition on television thanks to multiple shows from the Arrowverse merging into one massive storyline. While the DCEU version is unlikely to be similar in terms of story beats, the impact of the crisis on the theatrical side is likely to be just as large, if not greater.

and flash With more than a year away from a theatrical release, there likely won’t be any confirmed story details or franchise changes for the foreseeable future.Even so, given all that has been said about Scarlet Speedster’s first big-screen gig, this story might steal black adamIts mission is to change the hierarchy of the DCEU.

flash It will be released on June 2, 2023.


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