DCU News – Warner Bros. Discovery is reportedly considering a Superman revival

It’s been a long time since fans saw Henry Cavill’s Superman on screen. This guy started the whole DCEU and now doesn’t even finish the cameo, ala Shazam! or peacemakerTo make matters worse, Warner Bros. doesn’t seem to have much intention of putting the spotlight anywhere near Cavill and Iron Man. The closest thing to a fan might be a project revolving around Calvin Ellis, a black Kryptonian from another timeline.

With Sashe Calle’s Supergirl appearing in flash, is Clark Kent’s time at the DCEU over for the foreseeable future? While it does seem to be the case at this point, thankfully some new management has come in and they can really change everything.


Less than a week ago, Warner Bros. and Discovery merged, creating a new brand and moniker for Warner Bros. Discovery. What may excite many fans is a new idea from company CEO David Zaslav, who sees a lot of untapped potential in the world of live-action DC Comics.

Now, thanks to the Warner Bros. and Discovery merger, it looks like fans may be getting Superman back into the spotlight sooner than expected.

Rumored Superman resurrection coming?

Black Superman, Henry Cavill

According to a report type, there might be some good news for Superman fans emerging from the Warner Bros. and Discovery merger.According to reports, the combined company’s CEO David Zaslav believes the current state of the live-action DC Comics project is “Lack of coherent creative and brand strategy.”


Despite the undeniable success of films like this Neptune and BatmanZaslav specifically points out that Superman is one of many “Top roles… stay haggard,” everyone he believes “It needs to be revitalized.”

In addition to this, Zaslav believes that things such as clown and Raptorbecause they are prime examples of those second-rate characters who, when used and utilized correctly, can create projects as engaging as A-Listers.

Will Warner Bros. Really Get More Superman?

It’s great to hear that the new head seems to be reaching the same conclusion that many fans have been drawing for a while. DCEU in fact “Lack of coherent creative and brand strategy”and a big man like Superman has been sitting in the corner for a long time — all because of a disappointing movie.


Imagine a DCEU with the same unified creative vision as the MCU, with this level of quality — something many fans might often dream of.

But speaking of Superman himself, what about Henry Cavill? A lot of rumors have swirled around Superman’s role in a future DC comic, and it hasn’t been very bright.It is said that the end of the year flashwill create an entirely new timeline – one that never had Clark Kent but is protected by Sasha Kahler’s Supergirl.

Of course, there’s nothing against Supergirl. There’s no doubt that Kahler is doing a fantastic job in the role, but it’s hard to see the value in excluding Iron Man himself. Why not simply make them both work? After all, Henry Cavill has said many times that he’s willing to put the cape back on.


Sadly, fans will have to sit back and wait to see how everything turns out.hopefully then flash Reset everything on June 23, 2023, and the whole Superman situation will be a little clearer.

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