DCU News – The CW’s Batman spin-off makes fun of his double-faced villain

Planned or not, Warner Bros. is on the brink of a Batman revival.The studio just released the much-anticipated Batman in the theater, batgirl will move to HBO Max later this year, the studio is working on making Gotham Knights The CW TV series. The series also just signed its lead character and continues to refine its cast.

Focusing on members of the Bat family and descendants of some of Gotham’s biggest and worst criminals, Gotham Knights Seems to tell the story of a Gotham City without Bruce Wayne helping them.


In the series, Bruce Wayne is murdered, and one of his prodigies — along with a few other friendly faces — is left to pick up the slack, perhaps in the process finding out who was behind Wayne’s death.

One name that has already joined the project is Misha Collins, who will take on the role of Harvey Dent. It’s unclear if Collins’ Dent will become the evil two-faced at some point, but fans may have the first hints about it.

Two Faces in the CW’s Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights, two faces

in the most recent SPN Indy Conferencepass through hero hollywood, Gotham Knights Star Mischa Collins has revealed that his version of Harvey Dent won’t be two-faced, at least for the show’s first season.


The CW actor says his character “Will be Harvey Dent throughout the first year,” But after that, he will “Become two faces:”

If it gets picked and turns into a series – which is really cool – my character will be Harvey Dent for the entire first year, so I haven’t been two-faced for a long time. Then I became two faces! Yeah, I’m looking forward to it, I’ll be the old man on the show! “

Collins would certainly say that even if “Warner Bros. seems to have invested a lot in the pilot,” They’re still doing a lot of work on the original merchandising drama, so it’s all just “if [Gotham Knights] It was picked up and turned into a series:”

“I can tell you that I’m playing Harvey Dent, a character in the Batman universe who turns into two-faced. I’m kind of guilty about that because I know my ex would be like “appropriate” Role! ” [laughs] It really got me thinking, I don’t want someone to be insulted so easily for the rest of my life! Warner Bros. seems to have invested a lot in the pilot, which is great, and it looks like it has a great team behind it. For example, our costume designers did The Handmaid’s Tale, like the top characters on the project. “

The Downfall of Harvey Dent

The decision to keep fans waiting to see Harvey Dent become the mean-spirited two-faced guy does make a lot of sense. Entering the audience into a world where Dent has fallen can feel very anti-climax.


However, if the show is selected, it will give creators the opportunity to put that lineage on screen for fans to watch. Two-Face, a villain whose whole schtick is his loyalty to both sides of the coin, works best when the audience (or reader) first gets to know Harvey.

Then after supporting Dent for a while, the best Two-Face stories pulled him away, creating the Two-Face monster.

It’s worth noting, though, that this will likely remove Dent’s name from the list of possible Bruce Wayne killers. If he hadn’t turned to the dark side at the start of the series, that likely meant he wasn’t on the suspect list.


Collins and his Gotham Knights When the show finally lands on The CW, the co-stars will soon be seen.

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