DCU News – The CW just cancelled another DC Arrowverse show

The CW, distributed by WarnerMedia and Paramount, has put some Arrowverse shows in danger of being canceled.Although Grant Gustin flash with Tyler Hechlin superman and louise Has been renewed by the network, things are not good batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow. result,The DC TV franchise appears to be going through its biggest challenge yet.

The Javicia Leslie-led show, which recently wrapped its third season earlier this year, ended in suspense, apparently teasing yet another run of the 2022-2023 TV show.Due to the surrounding uncertainty batwomanThe future of the show, the show’s writers room went all out, launching an update campaign on Twitter.


However, the social media push doesn’t appear to be enough to give the green light to the new season.

no more batwoman

batwoman poster

TV cable Share batwoman It was cancelled by The CW after three seasons.

batwoman show host caroline dereis comfirmed message on twitter that she is “full of gratitude” Despite the cancellation:


“Just got the sad news, batwoman Will not see S4. I am frustrated but grateful. It was such an honor to make 51 episodes. So many inspiring and talented people have contributed to this series. Thanks to the producers, cast and crew. Thank you fans! we love you. “

Rachel Skarsten, who played Alice/Beth Kane in the series, also release Heartfelt statement on the latest news:

“I’ve been off Twitter for a while, but I want to stand up and say with a heavy heart @CW Batgirl has been cancelled. Thank you to everyone who has supported and loved this show over the years. I love playing Alice and I will miss her terribly. “

During its three-season run, batwoman With an average of about 760,000 viewers and a demo rating of 0.2, the show was ranked #1. 13 of 19 TV shows on the web.

The end of the Batwoman era

For any die-hard Arrowverse fan, this unfortunate news will be a tough pill to swallow, mostly because it could be the start of a potential downfall for the franchise.


The CW usually considers ending the Arrowverse’s final season as evidenced by what they did with Stephen Amell arrow with Melissa Benoist supergirl. However, the current state of online sales prevents this leeway, resulting in batwomancancellation.

This latest development is batwoman Marks the first time an Arrowverse show has been canceled without a final season announcement since the network exited in 2019 Green Arrow and Canary. unknown Legends of Tomorrow Will suffer the same fate, but many will agree that the situation for the DC spinoff series is not rosy.

Given that the series ends with huge suspense, this may be addressed in some form in other existing Arrowverse series, such as flash and superman and louise. One of the shows might dive right in with batwoman Make way for one last proper goodbye to the series.


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