DCU News – The CW Cancels DC Superhero Show Naomi

While the CW has many hit shows that spin off of the Arrowverse, one of the other superhero shows inspired by comic book pages is DC’s Naomi. The series follows the titular character of Kaci Walfall as she sets out to uncover the origins of supernatural events in her hometown and unravel all the mysteries that come with it.

The superhero series by Ava DuVernay has some references to the wider DC universe like Superman, but has failed to find an audience despite generally positive reviews.


The CW’s superhero shows have been in jeopardy lately, with several at risk of being canceled. flash Possibly accelerating toward the final season, other series seem to be in the top tier as well.

Now, another CW show has ended.

DC’s Naomi canceled after one season

Naomi DC

According to reports typeDC’s Naomi It was canceled by The CW after just one season.


This comes after several other cancellations on the web, including other comic book properties Legends of Tomorrow and batwoman and other CW series like dynasty and Roswell: New Mexico.

The CW loses another superhero show

NaomiThe fate of the show could mean the show is yet another victim of Warner Bros. Discovery merger, which has restructured several times internally. With a new CEO leading the company, the studio is reportedly aiming to simplify its content offerings while focusing on neglected franchises like Superman.

and Naomi As another canceled superhero franchise on The CW, Warner Bros. Discovery appears to be trying to integrate its offerings, similar to how Marvel Studios operates its universe. While that means the fan-favorite show is now coming to an end, it could be a positive change in the long run.


To keep up with their film offerings, studios may decide to increase the budget of their TV offerings to place them on a similar level to their theatrical features. HBO Max is a huge success peacemakerso Warner Bros. Discovery Channel may want to pursue higher budget and quality titles that can also be stripped down elsewhere.

NaomiThe Sacrifice, and other shows like it, might just be the thing that kicked off a new and exciting era of DC TV.

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