DCU News – The Batman Movie’s Rataalada Website Gets a Major Update

Batman It’s been nearly a month, but new developments in Robert Pattinson’s Gotham continue to unravel. In the film’s final moments, Jeffrey Wright’s Jim Gordon and his company embark on a slow rebuilding process as the battered city is submerged in water. While the city-wide flood was the Riddler’s last laugh on screen, the mysterious antagonist continued to wreak havoc on rataalada.com.

Warner Bros. has launched a cosmic website named after the Riddler’s recurring puzzle. Rataalada.com is updated daily with a mysterious loading bar that culminates in three riddles that, when answered correctly, unlock a deleted scene Batman.


The scene features Pattinson’s Batman confronting Barry Keoun’s Joker in Arkham Asylum. The Caped Crusader shows the Riddler’s dossier to his iconic foe, hoping the Joker will help him understand the mind of a serial killer. Mr. J ends up pointing Batman in the right direction, but not before he plays a lot of mind games and sneaks an escape device.

For those hoping for more surprises from the Riddler’s site, it looks like the operations of rataalada.com have been suspended.

GCPD “Catch” RataAlada.com

The Riddler’s reign of terror is temporarily over.


BatmanCosmos website, https://www.rataalada.comalready “catch” By the Gotham City Police Department.

RataAlada.com, The Riddler, Batman
La Talada Net

GCPD takes over from “Detention Order” By “Gotham City District Court.”

Riddler’s Future

While rataalada.com is gone, Paul Dano looks like a good fit for Riddler’s future second round Batman– related items.


One of the site’s many riddles includes a cipher puzzle, which, when translated, makes fun of a “return.” Coincidentally, this corresponds to a line from Barry Keoghan’s Lonely Clown scene, where he states“Gotham loves comeback stories.”

like Batman It turns out that the Riddler is still a very dangerous person in prison. Locking him up and turning off his toys might make him more manageable, but Edward Nashton was always the smartest guy in the room.

Combining his serial killer mind with the crime clown prince is the rogue recipe for disaster. The GCPD’s seizure of the site has only made new acquaintances more unpredictable, as fans have no idea what’s going on with them at the moment.


Batman Currently showing in theaters.

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